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SOLIDITY is a stool that appears to be a solid concrete cuboid, but is actually empty. It was structured with thin metal plates to form a cuboid shape when viewed from a certain angle and plastered with concrete texture called MORTEX. This work was created for YOY’s exhibition titled “EXISTENCE” held at Milan Design Week 2019.

▼SOLIDITY坐凳外观,看似是一个实心的混凝土立方体,exterior view of the SOLIDITY stool that appears to be a solid concrete cuboid

▼SOLIDITY坐凳外观,由薄金属板打造而成的空心坐凳,exterior view of the SOLIDITY stool that is empty and made of thin metal plates

▼坐在SOLIDITY坐凳上,坐凳结构看似脆弱,实则十分坚固,sitting on the stool, the structure looks unstable but actually solid

▼SOLIDITY坐凳外观细节,表面覆以为MORTEX的混凝土纹理,details of the stool that is plastered with concrete texture called MORTEX

▼坐凳表面混凝土纹理构造,structural details of the concrete texture on the surface of the stool

Category : stool
Material : Steel, Mortex
Dimensions : H440 W330 D330 mm
Photos by : Yasuko Furukawa

More: YOY      更多关于他们:YOY on gooood

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