Slow Particle by Vincent Leroy

It turns slowly, tirelessly and indefatigably

Project Specs


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This new VL experience creates a skillful assembly between an effect and an environment. An installation produces deep dreams and amazing contemplation.

▼慢粒子,只有光,Slow Particle, only light

▼捕捉生活中的光,Slow Particle captures the light around us

▼艺术家站在装置前,the artist front his new installation in motion

艺术家Vincent Leroy 试图创造一个光的传感器,通过一系列的透明反光圆镜来捕捉最不容易被感知到的白光。灵感来源于水滴下落,与水面不断碰撞而发出的声音。

VL takes us to the essentials. Something we all observed one day. Slow Particle : light sensor, a universal and obvious game. VL tries to capture the least palpable: everyday light, white light. A set of disc sewn between them are sometimes transparent or mirror. As a source of inspiration part of the essentials, Jérôme Echenoz from Adorable Studio has created a sound sound of water droppings recently recorded by VL in Shanghai.

▼不稳定的,透明的,All look volatile very transparent

▼光的传感器,Like a natural light sensor

▼透明、反射和律动,No beginning, no end only transparency, reflection and movement

装置如诗歌一般,使人们从现实世界中短暂地脱离出来;它体态轻盈流畅,无形地散落于空间各处,缓慢地、重复地、无限地转动着。该作品在法国巴黎的Denise René Gallery展出。

Once again it is a subtle mix of poetry and low technology that detaches us from the real world with the VL’s work. It turns slowly, tirelessly and indefatigably. it seems light and fluid, almost volatile. Blurry becomes an enigmatic and intriguing game. Like a loop, repetition becomes multiple and infinite. A focus on a detail becomes captivating. The work of VL is visible to the Denise René Gallery in Paris – France.

▼细节处理得十分到位,A focus on a detail becomes captivating

▼圆镜被串成一道帘子,view of the discs sewn together like a scale curtain

▼源源不断的生命力,Everything seems natural, life continues around the installation


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