Slow Drop by Vincent Leroy

The transparent and suspended installation reflects its environment

Project Specs

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Vincent Leroy为巴黎的德比尔哈克姆桥(bridge of Pont de Bir-Hakeim)新设计的装置已经正式投入了运营。这个悬浮的气泡状体量巧妙且轻盈,其表面的特殊材料可以呈现出周边环境的景色。该装置看起来十分虚幻,就像是来自另一个时空。巨大的气泡并不是一个规则的圆形,而是一个更加自由的弧形体量。

VL imagines a new installation in motion on the bridge of Pont de Bir-Hakeim in Paris. A skillful and light suspension in motion that reflects its environment. The installation appears as a mirage, suspended from the bridge of another era. The giant bubble is voluntarily not circular.

▼装置流体般的自由弧形外观,exterior view of the installation with a free, fluid and voluntarily shape

Slow Drop由非常厚的透明膨胀塑料制成。它静静地悬浮于地表之上。Vincent Leroy解释说,他从小就痴迷于航空、太空和宇宙。一切悬浮在空中的机器都会让他倍感惊奇。因此,他将这种喜爱和痴迷融入进了他的设计作品和研究之中。如今,他便创造出了这个集自然、技术和诗意于一体的悬浮装置。

Slow Drop consists of an inflatable envelope made of very thick plastic and very transparent at the same time. Hanging in avoiding above the ground, the installation appears to be in appeaser. VL explains that it remained captivated then since childhood by the aeronautical and space universe. Machines carried by air have always marvelled him. He kept this fascination in his work and his research. Today he imagines a facility that plays with the air between natural, technological and poetry.

▼装置悬浮在地铁铁轨与桥梁之间的空间中,由非常厚的透明膨胀塑料制成,像是悬浮在地表之上的巨大气泡,Slow Drop suspended under the air metro tracks and consists of an inflatable envelope made of very thick and transparent plastic, like a giant bubble in Levitation above the ground

这个名为“Slow Drop”的装置能够捕捉到一个扭曲变形却梦幻般的城市景象。由此,似乎一切都变得清晰自然了。Slow Drop的流体造型十分自由,仿佛脱离了真实的世界和一切限制。它是一种单一的、纯粹的形式,似乎来自于另一个宇宙。它为人们创造出了一个梦想和沉思的空间。

▼装置呈现出周边的城市景象,the installation reflects its environment

▼装置模糊了现实与虚拟世界之间的边界,the installation acts as a mixture between two universe

▼傍晚时分,装置表面映照出埃菲尔铁塔的景象,exterior view at dusk, the enigmatic forms playing with the Eiffel Tower in the back ground

Slow Drop captures a distorted and dreamlike image of the city. All seem to become clear and natural. Slow Drop is free, fluid detached from the real world and all constraints. It is a singular and pure form, as if it had come from another universe. It gives way to dream, to contemplation.

▼装置夜景,exterior view at night

▼装置夜景,展现出扭曲变形却梦幻般的桥景,exterior view at night, the posts of the bridges seem distorted

▼装置夜景,表面呈现出埃菲尔铁塔的景象,exterior view at night, the enigmatic forms playing with the Eiffel Tower in the back ground

此外,来自设计工作室Adorable Studio的Jérôme Echenoz还做了一个与该装置和地铁同步的声音设计,位于Slow Drop上方的桥体结构之上。将地铁作为设计的出发点,在每趟地铁通过该装置的时间间隔里,声音部件就会发出类似等待计时的声音,使整个装置更加神秘。

Jérôme Echenoz from Adorable Studio produce a sound design, synchronized with both the motion of the installation and the subway, passing on the bridge above the sculpture. Like a count, a wait, a serious sound is emitted between every subway crossing on the bridge. The whole seems even more enigmatic. A composition that uses the subway as a starting point.

▼装置的安装配置,show installation configuration

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