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Sitting among the ever-changing clouds and sky

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inFuture Projects注意到冬季的加拿大草原天空具有令人惊叹的美感,于是他们利用成一定角度的镜面铝板,将天空景色引入到温尼伯(Winnipeg)冰冻河道上一座可移动的展亭中。

Recognizing the sublime qualities of the Canadian prairie winter skies, inFuture Projects have used angled planes of mirrored aluminum to draw the sky into a mobile pavilion on Winnipeg’s frozen river trail.

▼深色雪松木外观的Skybox,blackened cedar exterior

▼内部镜面铝板映射天空景象,mirrored aluminum draws the sky into the interior


Winnipeg’s frozen river trail holds the Guinness World Record for the longest naturally frozen skating trail in the world, at 10 kilometers long. Over 300,000 visitors experience the trail during the winter season. The designers aimed to engage and connect visitors using the combination of social media and the breathtaking Canadian prairie skies. Fittingly, the pavilion is known as “Skybox” as the interior is filled with the sky above.

▼冰冻河道上可移动的Skybox,Skybox is a mobile pavilion on the frozen river trail


▼镜面铝板设计图解,diagram of the mirrored aluminum

Skybox uses 45-degree planes of mirrored aluminum to reflect the sky into the pavilion. The angled plane of polished aluminum is folded to form a bench which runs the full width of the pavilion. A mirrored vertical plane stands opposite of the reflected sky, allowing visitors to see their reflection sitting amongst the clouds. A blackened cedar exterior contrasts the light-filled interior, concealing a visual surprise along the frozen river trail.

▼45度角铝板折叠成与展亭相同宽度的长椅,对面放置一块垂直铝板,45-degree planes of mirrored aluminum is folded to form a bench which runs the full width of the pavilion and a mirrored vertical plane stands opposite of it


▼游客通过社交媒体上传Skybox的照片,visitors are encouraged to upload their Skybox images through social media

▼装置细节,pavilion details

Visitors are encouraged to upload their Skybox images through social media, recording the ever-changing prairie skies to a publicly accessible digital archive. The pavilion’s size was limited to the 8’x14′ prefabricated steel skid which allows it to glide along the frozen river. Winnipeg’s winter temperatures can drop below -50°C (-58°F), and to reduce time outdoors, Skybox was constructed in prefabricated 4’x8′ modules in a small workshop.



Project size: 128 ft2
Project Budget: $10000
Completion date: 2014
Building levels: 1

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