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世界上有许多让人看起来瞠目结舌却在思考后认为值得一试的景区旅游设置,比如中国张家界天门山的悬空玻璃栈道。这次为大家介绍的景区设施是捷克Slaměnka山区的55米高空中步道Sky walk,整个步道立于高度差不多的群山中某山之巅,远远便能望见,登上就是一览众山小的磅礴无限。更不可思议的是,设计师告诉gooood上面还设有一道101长的不锈钢滑梯……!

A unique 55 meter high building near the cottage Slaměnka at Dolni Morava, Czech Republic

Sky walk is located very close to the cottage Slaměnka, at the top station of chair lift Sněžník, at an altitude of 1,116 meters above sea level. Its height is 55 meters and the summit can be easily reached along a wooden path with strollers and wheelchairs. More adventurous visitors can use unique 101 m long stainless slider with windows.

Sky walk by FRANEK ARCHITECTS 04_Sky_Walk


Sky walk by FRANEK ARCHITECTS 01_Sky_Walk

Sky walk by FRANEK ARCHITECTS 07_Sky_Walk

You can enjoy the beautiful views of the entire massif of the Králický Sněžník with scenic valley of Morava river, in the distance, then the main ridge of Jeseníky and Krkonoše Mountains. “We have to say that constructing the Sky Walk was a unique experience and that it literally meant a path of courage and self-knowledge to us. So far, we have worked on various challenges and we thought that this one would be like the others, but we soon found out that the Sky Walk was the real thing. We found ourselves in a completely different situation, having to build at a height of 1,185 metres above sea level in a difficult terrain to where all of the materials and equipment had to be transported. Also, the complexity of the man-powered assembly was an issue, given the strict safety rules that had to be followed because the workers moved about the same prominent structures like when the first New York skyscrapers had been built. When looking at this kind of assembly, images of the Empire State Building being built came to mind. It was the first time we had ever seen anything of the sort; it was astonishing and chilling at the same time. Another obstacle we had to face was changeable weather. Down in the valley the sun shone so intensely that you could walk about in just your t-shirt, but up there it was cold with strong gusts of wind that made construction work even more difficult. The coordination of everyone involved was also very important and people had to show a great deal of diplomacy where the complexity of the construction was concerned.Thanks to all this, we experienced a different feeling and gained experience of a completely different kind of construction. We definitely don’t regret our decision because the time spent on this project has enriched us from both the technical as well as from the human point of view. A great thanks goes to everybody who worked on the Sky Walk with us and we are also grateful to the investor for bestowing this challenge on us. We trust that we have managed to fulfil the vision and the assignment set out by the architect. We hope everyone enjoys the Sky Walk like we did!”

Radek Ondruch, Executive Director
TAROS NOVA s.r.o., general designer and supplier.

Sky walk by FRANEK ARCHITECTS 09_Sky_Walk     Sky walk by FRANEK ARCHITECTS 11_Sky_Walk

Sky walk by FRANEK ARCHITECTS 13_Sky_Walk     Sky walk by FRANEK ARCHITECTS 14_Sky_Walk

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“It is rare to use timber on a construction of this magnitude.It also creates a new kind of experience where people better realise how small they are in the bosom of nature.I don’t know of any other timber construction with steel elements of a similar size and purpose. There are constructions of a similar size but ours takes on an abstract form that suggests the flight of a nocturnal butterfly whose path is seemingly chaotic.
It offers an endless amount of views, situations and moments where an indiscernible human being enters the depth and emerges on the outskirts of this natural structure…”Zdeněk Fránek, Architect

Sky walk by FRANEK ARCHITECTS 19_Sky_Walk     Sky walk by FRANEK ARCHITECTS 20_Sky_Walk

Technical data:
– Term of construction: 15 April – 30 October 2015
– Concrete foundations: 280 m3
– Volume of steel: 380 t
– Timber: larch, spruce 550 m3
– Connecting material: over 40,000 pieces of pins, clamps and bolts
– Assembly equipment:
o platforms with a working height of 53 m
o tower crate with a maximum load of 12.5 t, maximum arm extension of 44 m at a carrying capacity of 4.3 t

mobile cranes with a maximum carrying capacity of 220 t and 300 t

TAROS NOVA s.r.o., general designer and supplier


Sky walk

Photography: Jakub Skokan, Martin Tůma / BoysPlayNice


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