Skovbakken School by CEBRA

Educational architecture at eye level with its student

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Skovbakken is a primary school for 650 students. The new building replaces an existing school and is in its scale, its architectonic expression and in its materials inspired by its surroundings: the neighbourhood and the public forest.

▼ 校园概貌,an overview of the school

▼夜景,night view

CEBRA的创始合伙人Carsten Primdahl说:“双层的教学楼是基于既有环境的影响而建成。我们决定利用倾斜的屋顶,并以人性化的尺度来确保奥泽的学生和居民对学校的认可。我们尽可能地保留了原有的树木,这些树木在周围的绿地边缘形成了柔和的过渡。被砍掉的几棵树则被用于室内的装潢。此外,木制的截面使建筑的入口得以凸显,室内引人注目的楼梯也使用了木材。木材作为一种舒适且具有亲切感的材料,使人与建筑产生了身体性的联系与沟通。学校热情友好的氛围体现在其布局上:三座体量共同朝向一个中庭,开敞于周围环境,在室外和室内形成多样而有趣的景观和建筑空间。

 “The school is designed as a two-storey building inspired by the existing context. We decided to use pitched roofs and a human scale that ensures identification for the students and the inhabitants in Odder”, explains founding partner at CEBRA, Carsten Primdahl. He continues: “We have preserved as many of the original trees as possible as they convey a soft transition to the green surroundings. The few trees we had to cut down have been reused in the interior as furnishings. In addition, wooden sections accentuate all entrances and in the interior the striking staircase is also made of wood. In this way the physical contact with the architecture is communicated through the pleasant and stimulating material – wood”, concludes Carsten Primdahl. The experience of a welcoming school is emphasised in the school’s layout as three structures which are oriented towards a central atrium, opening up to the surroundings and establishing many diverse and interesting landscaping and building spaces, both in the exterior and in the interior.

▼既有的树木在建筑和森林间形成柔和过渡,the original trees convey a soft transition to the green surroundings

▼三座体量共同朝向一个中庭, three structures are oriented towards a central atrium

▼双层的体量有着倾斜的屋顶,two-storey buildings with pitched roofs

▼木制截面强调了入口,并带来亲切的使用体验,wooden sections accentuate all entrances,where the physical contact with the architecture is communicated

▼室内的楼梯也使用了木材,the striking staircase is also made of wood

▼天窗照亮整个二层空间,the skylight brings daylight to the entire floors

▼楼梯也可作为休息和交流空间,the staircase serves as a seating and communicating space

▼阅读区域,reading area


The school has a special focus on exercise as a natural part of daily life. Thus, for example, the fire access routes in the common areas are designed as tracks for exercise, in each classroom there is an area designed specifically for physical activity and the school’s multi-gym is directly linked to the school’s common room, allowing the gym to be used as an active play and movement area during breaks.


▼场地平面图,site plan

▼首层平面图,ground floor plan

▼二层平面图,first floor plan


Client: Odder Kommune
Place: Odder
Year: 2015-2017
Size: 9300 m2
Architect: CEBRA
Landskape: CEBRA
Signposting/Graphics: CEBRA
Turn-key contracter: MT Højgaard
Engineer: MT Højgaard
Property management: DEAS
Photography: Adam Mørk

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