SHOWER by Chaosteria + Antfide + Mengdie Wang

What you can feel is what it is

Project Specs


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This is a set of creations about shower. The color of the water changes with the color of the object absorbed by the shower, and it also affects the viewer’s perception.

▼视频,video © Chaosteria,Antfide,汪梦蝶


At first, this project did not have a clear point of view or meaning, but simply started from the fun and cost, but when we become a viewer from a creator, we seem to want to know something from it, so there are 3 interpretations by us as viewers:

▼天空象征自由、辽阔, the sky symbolizes freedom and vastness © Chaosteria,Antfide,汪梦蝶


Expressed a simple causal relationship. If you absorb the good, you can reap the good. On the contrary, if you embrace the darkness, the world will return to the darkness. In this project, the sky symbolizes freedom and vastness, oranges represent trivial things in life, plants represent nature, people who draw blood show exploitation and helplessness, and garbage is closely related to uselessness and death.

▼橙子表现了生活中的琐碎与小确幸,oranges represent trivial things in life © Chaosteria,Antfide,汪梦蝶


Describe a personal mental state. Taking a bath is the most relaxing and self-esteem time for a person, and he will explore some thoughts about himself. And who you are, where you come from, and where you want to go are three basic philosophical questions that most people cannot bypass. The causal relationship between the object and the color sprayed by the shower is a concrete manifestation of this theme.

▼植物则表达自然,plants represent nature © Chaosteria,Antfide,汪梦蝶


Complaints about overexploitation of natural resources. There is a causal relationship between the shower water sources. Due to the excessive use of nature (sky, fruits, plants), the latter two situations (sucking blood and sucking garbage)) occur. Here some details in the garbage bag where a human hand and previously used materials can be seen, suggesting the dark ending of the entire installation.

▼被抽血的人展示了剥削与无奈,people who draw blood show exploitation and helplessness © Chaosteria,Antfide,汪梦蝶


The object itself has no meaning, meaning is given by people. So the above interpretations are just our personal opinions as the audience, what you can feel is what it is.

▼垃圾与无用、死亡紧密联系在一起,garbage is closely related to uselessness and death © Chaosteria,Antfide,汪梦蝶

项目设计 & 完成年份:2020年12月20日

Project name:Shower
Design year & Completion:Year 20/12/2020
Leader designer & Team:Chaosteria,Antfide,Mengdie Wang
Project location:Milan

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