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项目一个清酒酿酒厂的扩建工程,位于日本福冈山脚下的一片稻田中。在 SHIRAITO 清酒厂在 2015 时已经建立了 160 周年。

located in the midst of rice fields at the foothill of Mt. Sefuri in Itoshima-area, Fukuoka, Japan, SHIRAITO Sake-Brewery has marked its 160th brewing year in 2015, when the new additional architecture has completed. 

▼扩建的空间,the extension structure

场地中的工厂综合体由多栋建筑构成,扩建的部分旨在为酿酒厂增添更多的空间。建筑流线的规划使得清酒工人在酿造过程中可以按照制作流程在空间中移动,新的补充设施提高了产品的质量。原来场地中大部分的建筑都非常古老、具有历史感。场地中的“主体”建筑已经有 100 多年的历史。所以设计任务中不仅包含创造功能上的连续性,视觉连接也是重要的一部分。

In the site, this complex is composed with number of buildings. This project was to design a new addition (partially re-construction)  to its complex. Brewery workers move between building to building along its process of sake-making. The purpose was to obtain more space and to add new facilities to enhance the quality of their product. Most of the existing buildings in the site are very old and traditional. The “main” building is more than 100 years old. One of the task in design process was to connect historical buildings and the new addition not only functionally, but, of course, visually.

▼扩建部分与古老建筑视觉上的融合,the extension is visually connected with the existing ancient buildings


The traditional Japanese building at the site is very iconic. The concept of the new was to make a new tradition of Sake brewery. Since the traditional complex creates its “silhouette” with the triangular roof shape, overlapped, the new volumed was intended to be overlapped with triangular-shaped volume to cast new “silhouette” in modern way. And the concrete surface and structure possess the strong feeling visually and spatially, which the old one also has. 

▼扩建部分延续了传统建筑具有标志性的屋顶元素,the modern interpretation of the traditional “silhouette”

扩建部分采用了混凝土浇筑的结构,从内部到外观都保留了清水混凝土原始的材质。由于清酒厂的产品需要没有阳光直射的空间,所以除了工人的休息室和洗手间之外,所有的空间都没有窗户 。这样的设计给以一种压迫性的体量,成为了一处具有标志性的工厂建筑。

the new addition is constructed  with cast-in-place concrete structure and the entire building is covered with its concrete texture as exterior and interior finish. Since the program, sake brewery, requires sunlight-less space in order to protect product from sunlight, most of the rooms have no window, except the staff room and the washing room. And this creates the massive figure, which is iconic as a Sake brewery.

▼入口内部,the entryway

▼入口准备室,the preparation room at the entrance

▼交通空间,circulation space


The new and the old  are structurally disconnected while its function connect the entire space as one complex. 


▼避免阳光照射的酿造区域,the product should be protected from the sunlight

▼空间中的细节,the detail in the space




Project name: A Sake Brewery Addition
Architect’ Firm: a-um (Taketo Tashiro)
Contact e-mail:

Lead Architects: Taketo Tashiro
Project location: Fukuoka, Japan
Completion Year: 2015
Gross Built Area (square meters or square foot): 450sqm
Photo credits: nacasa&partners, a-um

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