Set design for Compagnie De Provence by 13g

Products immersed to a graphic universe

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该项目是由来自马赛的13g工作室为法国洗护品牌Compagnie De Provence所做的一套布景设计,旨在为该公司重新塑造并提升品牌形象。Compagnie De Provence以化妆品、身体护理产品和室内香氛为特色,设计师将6个系列的产品放置在6组不同的场景当中,使每样产品的特色以优美的方式展现出来。

A set design work for Compagnie De Provence, a brand dedicating to cosmetics, body care and home fragrances made in Marseille. The intervention was carried out as part of the repositioning and redesign of the corporate image. In these photographs, six collections of products are immersed to a respective photo / graphic universe through the set design that brings different scenes.


Cashemere & Delicate系列




Extra Pure系列


Version Originale系列




Black & white 黑白系列

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