Serralves’ pavilion by Fala Atelier

A playful combination of pragmatic seriousness and frivolous irony

Project Specs


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On the occasion of the 32nd São Paulo Biennial, a temporary art gallery was to be installed in a slopped garden at the Serralves’ Foundation. The brief was vague and open to speculation. A folly, as the word itself suggests, is an extravagant, frivolous or unreal building, thought more for an artistic expression than for functional reasons. The pavilion is, indeed, all of that. Through a polyphonic repertoire, it aims at being both a temple, a temporary construction and a toy, neo-classical and post-modern.



A rational structure encloses a cubic volume. The understandable metric of the wood elements finds a mismatch in the proportions of the openings and in the apparently arbitrary colours. A plinth erases the relationship with the sloping terrain, claiming for autonomy. Two round black marble elements mark the entrances while a red beam crosses the inner space. Inside, five lounger chairs provide an uncertain sense of domesticity to the otherwise monumental construction. 

▼两个圆形的黑色大理石标志着入口的位置,two round black marble elements mark the entrances

▼室内的五个躺椅和红色的横梁,five lounger chairs and a red beam inside


The folly is a playful combination of pragmatic seriousness and frivolous irony. A composition where each element has its own value, complementing and contradicting each other. 

▼元素分析图,element analysis

▼结构分析图,structure analysis

▼入口处效果图,renderings of entrances

展馆中播放着Priscila Fernandes的一部既引人深思又充满轻松愉悦氛围的电影,它与这次设计中的公园和自由结构可以产生有趣的对话。这座展馆在建筑语言上的意义或许正如这部电影之于娱乐的意义:一个令人愉悦又引人深思的混合体。

Priscila Fernandes’ film about contemplation and leisure found a dialogue with both the park and the light-heartedness of the architecture. Perhaps, the folly was to architectural languages what Priscila’s film is to leisure: a joyful and reflective pastiche… 



LOCATION: Porto, Portugal
DATES: Design: January – June 2017, Construction: June 2017
STATUS: Public Commission; Built/demolished
PROJECT TEAM: FALA ATELIER, Filipe Magalhães, Ana Luisa Soares, Ahmed Belkhodja, Rute Peixoto, Elisa Sassi, Paulo Sousa
CLIENT: Serralves Foundation, São Paulo Biennial
ART PIECE: ‘Gozolândia’ (film), by Priscila Fernandes
CONTRACTOR: J Sousa Teixeira, E&C
PHOTOGRAPHY: Ricardo Loureiro

MORE:  Fala Atelier  更多关于他们: Fala Atelier on gooood 。

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