Seep Out House by SAI Architectural Design Office

Colorful life behind the wall.

Project Specs


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The project is located in a rural residential area with green hills stretching around. With the same density as that in a city, the relationship between local residents is much closer. The architect has to come up with a solution to provide enough privacy for living as well as keeping in touch with the community.

▼建筑外观,external view of the building


A suspended wall is built at the road side to create a buffer between the outdoor space and the interior. It leads people into the living space and acts as a bathroom courtyard to provide an open feeling. Through the wall, the interior and the exterior are connected in a comfortable distance. People living in could have a glimpse of the surroundings while passengers could feel the colorful life in the house without disturbing the residents.

▼悬浮墙壁和建筑之间形成的缓冲空间,buffer space between the suspended wall and the building

▼入口外的悬浮墙面在私密和开放之间找到了一个平衡,suspended wall out side the entrance, finding balance between privacy and openness

▼玄关采用混凝土地面,与户外环境相连,墙面遮挡外部视线,concrete flooring continues from the outdoor space to the entrance, the suspended wall blocks vision from the street

▼私密而又不失开放感的起居空间,open living space with enough privacy

▼开放的空间促进视线交流,open space encourages eye communication

▼内部庭院和餐厅,厨房相连,the inner courtyard connected with the dining space and kitchen

▼厨房和盥洗空间,kitchen and the wash room

▼入口处的庭院给浴室带来开放感,bath courtyard at the entrance gives a feeling of openness


Besides, chimney effect is formed by the atrium in the house, bringing adequate ventilation and natural light to the living space. The use of heat storage materials in the indoor courtyard helps to create a satisfying thermal environment for living.

▼围绕中庭设置的二层工作学习区,study space on the second floor around the atrium

▼通高中庭满足室内通风和采光的需求,double height atrium meets the need of light and ventilation

▼开放的房间,open room



▼夜景,可以一窥温馨的家庭生活,night view, a glimpse of the colorful life inside the building

▼一层平面图,first floor plan

▼二层平面图,second floor plan

▼剖透视图,perspective section

▼分解轴测图,exploded axon

设计:SAI Architectural Design Office


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