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A new urban leisure base changing over time

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Sava Activities是一个在建的公共城市设计项目,旨在将萨格勒布市的萨瓦河河岸重新引入城市的日常生活。该项目是第13届Europan“适应性城市”国际竞赛的获奖方案,也是25年来克罗地亚首个实施的Europan竞赛项目。

Sava Activities is an on-going public urban design project aiming to reintroduce the riverbanks of Zagreb’s Sava River to the daily life of the city. The project is the winning proposal of Europan 13 – Adaptable City international competition organized by Europan HR team. It is the first implemented Europan Competition project in Croatia within the 25-year cooperation.

▼项目概览,project overview ©Marko Mihaljević

▼项目激活了7公里长的河岸区域,the project activated a 7 km long riverbank area ©Marko Mihaljević


Unlike the other European capitals which are established around a river, Zagreb’s urban growth had been formed with a tendency to move away from Sava. As the wildest branch of Danube, Sava River historically had harmed and destructed Zagreb, but now regulated with the construction of the embankment; its riverbanks carry the potential to be rethought as vital urban spaces of Zagreb.

▼项目鸟瞰,aerial view ©Marko Mihaljević

▼河滨地带设置了多个不同的临时性装置,a number of different temporary installations were set up along the riverfront ©Marko Mihaljević


Due to increasing water levels which occur several times a year, no permanent structure or object can be placed on the riverbanks. Under the main theme of the competition topic of “Adaptable City”, the project focused on revitalizing the 7km long riverbank area through ephemeral programmatic injections to experiment the inclusion of this waterfront public space to the city, enhancing the east-west connection through the river.

▼脚手架凉亭,scaffold pavilion ©Marko Mihaljević

▼脚手架凉亭搭建的休闲空间,a scaffold pavilion is built for recreation ©Marko Mihaljević


▼不同装置功能示意图,function diagram of different devices
©Openact Architecture + Sara Palomar Studio

Expanding into a 7km long area of inundation zone, the project transforms the riverbanks with subtle landscape interventions and employs 9 activator structures (temporary scaffolding pavilions) with varying programs to be interchanged in various combinations in between sites, in different seasons, with the ability of dismantling in case of raising water levels. In Summer 2019, the first phase of the project has been implemented on 3 sites which are located around the frequently used bridges of Zagreb. The scaffolding pavilions of the first phase have been constructed and activated with various cultural and sports programs between June-September, and later, dismantled before the seasons of high-water levels.

▼搭建中的露天影院,outdoor theater under construction ©Marko Mihaljević

▼将用作电影屏幕的一侧,it will be used as one side of the movie screen ©Marko Mihaljević

▼侧面视角,side view ©Marko Mihaljević

▼游客可经脚手架搭建的楼梯爬上凉亭,visitors can climb up to the pavilion via a scaffold staircase ©Marko Mihaljević


▼沙滩排球区域,beach volleyball area ©Marko Mihaljević

▼凉亭俯瞰视角,the view from the bower ©Marko Mihaljević

▼平台上设置有休闲吊床,the platform is provided with a leisure hammock ©Marko Mihaljević

The on-going process revolves around an interactive exhibition to help shape the project’s future phases with an inclusive public debate employing the learnings from the initial phase. As a research tool and an idea gathering platform, the exhibition attempts to create a stage to blur the design decisions between the architect and the user, and encourage a design process in which the future of the project is built on the feedback from the users.

▼平台风光,platform scenery ©Marko Mihaljević

▼亭台细部,details ©Marko Mihaljević


▼通往亭台高处的楼梯,stairs leading up to the top of the pavilion ©Marko Mihaljević

▼脚手架细部,scaffold details ©Marko Mihaljević

The main aim of the project and the process concentrates on the transformation of 7-km long riverside into an enduring public space with temporary programming. In this manner, the project stands as an exploration of opportunities to experiment the effect of relatively small, soft and temporal interventions that are characterized by dynamism, immateriality, and indeterminacy on an XL urban scale scenario.

▼内部休闲空间,interior leisure space ©Marko Mihaljević

▼夕阳下,the sunset ©Marko Mihaljević

▼模型,models ©Openact Architecture + Sara Palomar Studio

▼项目效果图,rendering ©Openact Architecture + Sara Palomar Studio

▼装置分布示意图,schematic diagram of device distribution ©Openact Architecture + Sara Palomar Studio

▼平面图,plan ©Openact Architecture + Sara Palomar Studio

Design team:Zuhal Kol, Carlos Zarco Sanz, Sara Palomar Perez
Architectural project team Zuhal Kol, Carlos Zarco Sanz, Sara Palomar Perez, Jose Luis Hidalgo, Barış Can Cüce, Zeynep Küheylan, Ozan Şen, Rana Zehra İmam
Client:City of Zagreb – City Office for the Strategic Planning and Development of the City
Main Contractor: Openact Architecture Ltd.
Local consultancy:Arhitektura minimal d.o.o.
Structural project:Ultra Studio d.o.o
Electrical project:ETS Farago d.o.o.
Installation project:Sinerji Dinamik Proje Mühendislik
Fire safety project:Inspekting d.o.o.
Photography: Marko Mihaljević
Architectural supervision and liability:Carlos Zarco Sanz
Main constructor:Agram d.o.o.
Scaffold system partner:Layher GmbH
Project beginning year:2017
Project end year:2019 (Phase 1)
Construction beginning year:2019
Construction end year:2019 (Phase 1)
Project area:105.000 sq.m. (Phase 1)
Total constructed area :2534 sq.m. (Phase 1)

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