SAPIENS, Angola By Costa Lopes by COSTA LOPES

The building allow the views over the city and deliver an elegant urban vibration.

Project Specs


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The Sapiens Building (Polytechnic Institute of Science and Technology) is located in a still semi-industrial area, on an intermediate topographic platform between the northern limit of downtown, not far from Luanda’s port and the Central Railway Station, and the bottom of the cliff just bellow the residential neighbourhood of Miramar.

▼建筑位于半工业化地区,the building locates in semi-industrial space


The situation was very challenging, even more when considering the implantation on a wedge plot, next to Rua dos Municípios Portugueses, already very compacted by two towers, one of offices with 14 floors and the other of housing with 20 floors.

▼建筑位于两栋高层建筑之间,the building sits between two building towers

▼与临近建筑相契合,better fits the surrounding architectures


The polyhedral volume occupies the available plot completely. On one hand, its abstraction fits better to the close proximity of the towers and, despite its six floors, guarantees its formal firmness. On the other hand, enhance the concrete structure, the galleries in continuous parietal and surgical tear dramatize the polyhedral whole, become tropicalized mediators of light and shadow, allow the views over the city and deliver an elegant urban vibration.

▼充分利用夹缝空间,fully use the compact space

▼撕裂般的建筑外貌,the galleries tear the building


Finally, this same tearing denounces the firm rationalization and public fluidity of the educational program, unified between the peripheral galleries and the circulatory heart of the building, and between the cafeteria on the roof terrace and the ground floor open to the exterior, with the public mission being celebrated in the big auditorium.

▼建筑内部也用相同的裂缝元素,the interior continues the same tearing effect

▼建筑被外部走廊包围,the building is surrounded by the gallery

▼中央大厅,the hall


The Sapiens Building transforms the contingencies to its own advantage, vigorous in urban presence and generous in public ethics.

▼底层平面图,ground floor plan

▼标准层平面图,typical floor plan

▼屋顶层平面图,roof floor plan



PROJECT TYPE: Educational


CITY: Luanda


CLIENT: Institucional

DATE: 2007 – 2015

GROSS FLOOR AREA: 10 758 sq.m
FOTOGRAFIA: Fabrice Fouillet

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