Salisbury University Patricia R. Guerrieri Academic Commons, Maryland, America by Sasaki

a learning space combining the monumentality and human scale

Project Specs


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Patricia R. Guerrieri学术中心位于Salisbury大学校园核心地带。自建成以来,学术中心极大的改变了教与学的过程。新建筑将所有的学术支持计划与最先进的图书馆,教室,咖啡馆,400座会议室和Nabb研究中心结合在一起。其中Nabb研究中心是关于马里兰州东岸的历史和文化的特藏图书馆。面向整个大学,学术中心为几乎所有的研究和学习模式,从个人沉思学习到团队合作项目参与提供了全力支持。

Strategically located at the core of the campus, Salisbury University’s new Patricia R. Guerrieri Academic Commons significantly transforms how teaching and learning occurs on campus. The new building allows the university to bring all of their academic support programs together in combination with a state-of-the-art library, classrooms, cafe, 400-seat assembly space, and the Nabb Research Center—a special collections library dedicated to the history and culture of the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Common ground for all of the university’s academic disciplines, the Academic Commons fully supports all modes of study and learning, from individual contemplative study to collaborative, technology-rich group engagement.

▼Patricia R. Guerrieri学术中心,the Patricia R. Guerrieri Academic Commons ©Image courtesy Jeremy Bittermann


The program elements are arrayed around a dramatic four-story learning commons with each floor dedicated to a specific type of learning. The ground floor is devoted to staff-supported collaboration. The second floor contains program elements focused on teaching and learning skills, the third floor is dedicated to individual reflective learning, and the fourth floor, which contains the Nabb Research Center and a 400-seat assembly space, facilitates engagement with original sources and supports learning through public dialogue.

▼充满戏剧性的四层学习空间, a dramatic four-story learning commons ©Image courtesy Jeremy Bittermann

▼不同主题的楼层提供多元化的学习研究场所,floors with different themes ©Image courtesy Jeremy Bittermann

▼首层学习空间,first floor space ©Image courtesy Jeremy Bittermann

▼二层是教学和技能学习空间,the second floor contains program elements focused on teaching and learning skills ©Image courtesy Jeremy Bittermann

▼三层是图书馆和个人学习空间,the third floor is dedicated to individual reflective learning ©Image courtesy Jeremy Bittermann

▼四楼包含Nabb研究中心和一个四百个座位的会议空间, the Nabb Research Center and a 400-seat assembly space are on the fourth floor ©Image courtesy Jeremy Bittermann


A critical challenge of the project was siting the building. Its location at the historic crossroads on campus required strategies to knit the building into the existing fabric and diminish the impact of its 226,000 square feet. The building also mediates between very different scales and characteristics on campus. To the east the building faces onto Route 13 and the community of Salisbury, requiring a civic expression and a more monumental scale, as the building serves as a gateway and point of arrival for the community. To the west, the building frames Red Square, the iconic student square and gathering space for the university, requiring a much more informal and intimate scale and expression.

▼建筑与不同朝向的周边建筑相协调,the building seeks a coherent design with the surroundings ©Image courtesy Jeremy Bittermann

▼在广场区域,建筑尺度更为亲近宜人,when facing the plaza, the building has a more informal and intimate scale and expression ©Image courtesy Jeremy Bittermann

▼外立面细节,facade details ©Image courtesy Jeremy Bittermann

▼夜景,night view ©Image courtesy Jeremy Bittermann

Project name: Salisbury University Patricia R. Guerrieri Academic Commons
Project location: Salisbury, Maryland
Client name: Salisbury University
Completion date: completed August 2016
Size: 226,000 sf
Services: Architecture
Interior Design
Landscape Architecture
Graphic Design
Team: Lead Architect: Sasaki
Design-Build Lead: Gilbane
Executive Architect: Ayers Saint Gross

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