‘Saint-Jean’ group of schools in Strasbourg by Dominique Coulon & associés

The spatial diversity constitutes an innovative education

Project Specs


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▼项目外观,exterior view

The aim of our project is to break with the monotony and repetitiveness that are characteristic of this highly rational 1960s building. Working on the space in this way helps not only to clarify routes but also to work towards achieving energy performance targets. The facades have been completely covered over and insulated on the outside. To deal with the current problem of overheating, vertical slats have been fitted on the outside to provide protection from sunlight falling obliquely. We reconsidered the heights of the windowsills and aligned them with the tables in the different sections.

▼外立面安装了垂直板条,vertical slats have been fitted on the facades


The project requalifies the public forecourt, making it secure and dividing it into a number of sequences by means of a low boundary wall, a single ramp, and two sets of wide steps. This arrangement directs the children towards two separate entrances, one for the nursery school, and one for the elementary school.

▼入口处,the entrance

▼公共前庭,public forecourt

▼庭院布局将孩子们引向两个单独的入口,the arrangement directs the children towards two separate entrances

包括入口大厅在内的底层空间都经过全新设计,从而形成了一种流动、有趣且温馨的弧形空间。其弯曲的形态与矩形教室的构成对比,并强调了某些特殊时刻,比如去图书馆阅读或在游戏室释放精力等。这些具有时空标志的物件使得孩子们可以体会到日常生活的节奏。许多科学研究均支持这项理论,而我们正是与神经科学家Claude Bonnet教授合作设计了该空间。游戏室遵循与大厅相同的设计理念进行了全面改造。绿植系统、墙壁的隔音处理以及不同材料的使用都有助于打破常规游戏设施的空洞单一。

▼底层大厅,entrance hall

▼流动、有趣且温馨的弧形空间,fluid, welcoming spaces with rounded, playful, dynamic shapes

The ground-floor spaces, including the halls, have been rearranged as fluid, welcoming spaces with rounded, playful, dynamic shapes. The curved shapes contrast with the regularity of the classrooms and lend emphasis to special moments in the day such as going to the library and letting off steam in the playroom. These spatio-temporal landmarks enable the children to appreciate the rhythm of daily routine. A number of scientific studies back up this theory, and we have drawn up our plans in collaboration with the neuroscientist Professor Claude Bonnet. The playgrounds have been redesigned following the same logic as for the halls. The planting system, the acoustic treatment of the walls, and the different materials all help to break up the monotony of the existing playground.



▼孩子与建筑“互动”,the children play with the building


The existing building was on three identical levels, with one central corridor serving classrooms on either side. The space occupied by the nursery school is on the first floor, while the second and third floors are devoted to the elementary school. We have broken up the traffic areas by bringing in light in different ways, providing visual landmarks and a considerable degree of comfort.

▼中央走廊连接起两侧的教室,one central corridor serving classrooms on either side

▼设计通过不同的采光方式将房间与交通区域分割开来,by bringing in light in different ways to broke up the traffic areas



▼设计同时为建筑引入了温柔和诗意,a touch of gentleness and poetry

▼安静的环境,a calm environment

The leitmotiv of the project is spatial diversity. Each space takes on a strong identity to create the landmarks that are essential in such an imposing building. We have added a touch of gentleness and poetry so that both pupils and staff will be able to thrive in a calm environment. These spaces constitute an innovative educational tool.



▼夜景,night view


▼区位图,site plan

▼底层平面,ground floor plan


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