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在拉文特美术馆的但丁展的第三场展览“Dante. The Eyes and the Mind”系列中,Edoardo Tresoldi设计制作的Sacral装置将在美术馆的回廊上展出。展览从2021年9月1日开始,到2022年1月9日结束。

On the occasion of the Dante exhibition at the MAR – Art Museum of the City of Ravenna, A POP Saga, the third exhibition in the“Dante. The Eyes and the Mind” series, Edoardo  Tresoldi’ s installation Sacral will be on display in the museum cloister from 1 September until the exhibition ends on 9 January 2022.

▼装置鸟瞰,aerial view of the installation ©Roberto Conte

Tresoldi是设计“不在场物质(Absent Matter)”的艺术家,用金属网制作了一系列教堂。2017年,Forbes将其称为欧洲30岁以下最有影响力的艺术家之一。他重构的Siponto早期基督教堂获得了意大利建筑学金奖;他还为美国Coachella山谷音乐和艺术节创造了巨大的Ethere装置,并在Reggio Calabria的海边设置了自己的作品。之后,便是拉文那的Sacral。这件装置最早创作于2016年,此次展览当代艺术部分的策展人Giorgia Salerno选中了Edoardo Tresoldi的作品,认为它体现了“灵魂”这一主题,是但丁笔下伟大灵魂城堡最好的诠释。装置 将为游客带来极富想象力的体验,并与周边景观充分互动。

Tresoldi is the artist of “Absent Matter” and cathedrals in wire mesh. In 2017 Forbes named him one of the most influential European artists aged under 30. After his reconstruction of the early-Christian Basilica of Siponto, which won the Gold Medal for Italian Architecture, the large installation Etherea in the US for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival and Opera, his work on the seafront at Reggio Calabria, he is exhibiting Sacral in Ravenna. The work was originally created in 2016 and has been set up here for the occasion. Edoardo Tresoldi was chosen by Giorgia Salerno, curator of the contemporary art section of the exhibition, to represent the theme of Souls and to create an ideal reinterpretation of the Dante’s Castle of the Great Souls with a major installation that allows visitors to have an extremely imaginative experience and to fully interact with the surrounding landscape.

▼装置位于美术馆的回廊中,installation in the cloister of the art museum ©Roberto Conte


The Noble Castle, as Dante calls it in Canto IV of the Inferno, is a symbolic place inhabited by the souls of those who left honour and fame behind them on earth. They are the great souls of antiquity – philosophers, poets, scientists and writers – with grave and slow-moving eyes. People who were great in their earthly lives because of their moral qualities, but who are destined to eternal suffering because they lack the theological virtues.

▼装置由金属网组成,象征神圣城堡,installation made of wire mesh, representing the Noble Castle ©Roberto Conte


Sacral has been installed in the 16th-century cloister of the city’s Art Museum, originally the canon’s monastery of Santa Maria in Porto, celebrating the Greek Madonna mentioned by Dante in Paradiso, the canticle he completed during his time in Ravenna. The work enables visitors to physically enter the work, representing the Noble Castle and, as if in a performance, to retrace Dante’s journey.

▼游客可以进入作品,visitors can enter the work ©Roberto Conte

view to the 16 century cloister through the wire mesh ©Roberto Conte

“作品使用了一个典型的图景,”Edoardo Tresoldi说道,“利用由历史上反复出现的含义组成的语言,在过去和现在之间创造对话。在美术馆十六世纪的回廊中,Sacral是一个熟悉的图像,唤起了我们对于曾经到过的某处的回忆,引导游客探索但丁的世界。”

“An archetypal image”, Edoardo Tresoldi says, “is capable of creating a dialogue between past and present, using a language comprising of meanings that recur over time. In the 16th-century cloister of the MAR, Sacral acts as the memory of a somewhere we have already been, a familiar image that introduces the visitor to the exploration of Dante”.

▼夜景,night view ©Roberto Conte

▼熟悉的建筑语言,familiar architectural language ©Roberto Conte


The contemporary art section of the exhibition explores various themes in Dante, such as souls, journeys, women, dreams and light, which have been selected to guide visitors through the exhibition.  One or more artists have been chosen for each theme, to reinterpret people and place in Dante’s Divine Comedy through their work. In this way, the exhibition is a truly artistic experience of Dante and his work.▼仰望金属网组成的穹顶,look up at the dome made of wire mesh

▼仰望金属网组成的穹顶,look up at the dome made of wire mesh ©Roberto Conte

▼内部的灯光,illumination from the inside ©Roberto Conte

▼细部,details ©Roberto Conte

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