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润 SEASON 品牌是一家主打椰子鸡火锅的特色餐饮。该品牌目前已经有6家店,最新的这家坐落于苏州地标且商业人气旺盛的苏州中心内,这里是时尚年轻人的聚集地,客户希望打造一个有别于传统东南亚风格的餐厅,让来到这里的顾客可以舒适就餐,轻松的品味美食。

润 SEASON Brand is a special catering which focuses on coconut chicken hot pot. The brand now has 6 chain stores and the latest one locates in Suzhou Center which is not only the landmark of Suzhou but also thriving in business. In this attractive place especially for young people, our client wants to open a restaurant that different from traditional South East Asian style, which can offer a comfortable place for customers to relax and taste delicious food.



从空间设计上,我们借用东南亚当地的元素,运用现代设计手法的改造,呈现一个全新气质的润 SEASON。 在东南亚,由竹条和茅草搭建的屋架随处可见,于是我们利用原空间层高相对较高的优势,将东南亚标志性的茅草屋通过现代设计的拆解和改造,在中心区域设置了两个改良版的“屋中屋”作为独特的半封闭包间,并利用本身的高低差,在“屋中屋”的周边设置了相应的就餐座位区,我们希望创造多种用餐空间的区域。客人在登上“屋中屋”后也可环绕俯瞰周边。

In terms of space design, we remould the local elements in South East Asia in modern design techniques in order to present a brand new 润 SEASON. For instance, we build two unique semi-private room in the center of this restaurant. The roof truss made of bamboo and thatch is a signature of South East Asia, so our team takes advantage of the height of the space to build two semi-private“House in House” in the center through dismantling and reconstructing. Also, our team makes use of the difference between heights to setup a dining area around the semi-private room aloft. We hope that we can create a variety of dining space, so that our costumers can look around when stepping up to the “House in House”.

▼用餐大堂,dining lobby


Our team wants to handle the interactive relationship between people and interior landscape in the whole dining area, so that we use plants and custom metal partition as the background in order to separate the customer line from the service line.

▼“屋中屋”,“House in House”

▼“屋中屋”细部,“House in House” details


We are also inspired by another Hainan elements, the local brocade of Li nationality that has a long history. According to local books, the Li people dismantle the traditional Chinese colorful silk and took the elements and java cotton and weave it to brocade. The lifting wooden frame above the water bar is evolved from the pattern of tradition Li brocade. The combination of internal and external structure present a rich and varied decorative visual effect to customers.

▼水吧台上方的吊装仿木构架取自海南当地特有的黎锦几何纹抽象演化而成,The lifting wooden frame above the water bar is evolved from the pattern of tradition Li brocade

▼并利用本身的高低差,在“屋中屋”的周边设置了相应的就餐座位区,make use of the difference between heights to setup a dining area around the semi-private room aloft.

▼包厢细部,private room details


On the selection of texture and color, we choose green as our major color.The color green can bring a healthy, tropical and relaxing feel, together with the scent of coconut. We decide to use green to balance the woody and greyspace: glaze-covered bricks, verniciai product, fabric seats and plants.

▼餐厅装饰细部,restaurant decoration details

▼餐厅中的绿色植物带来热带的氛围,the greenery in the restaurant brings a tropical atmosphere


▼轴测分解图,axonometric decomposition diagram

项目名称:润 SEASON 椰子鸡火锅 苏州中心店
植物设计:Botanical Silver

Project Name:润 SEASON Coconut Chicken Hot Pot Suzhou Center
Design Company:TURING DESIGN
Chef Interior Designers:Li Gan、Li Qian
Design Development:Liu Peng、Wang Zheng
Botanical Designer:Botanical Silver
Project Location:Suzhou, China
Project Area:600 square meters
Major Material:Car engraved glass、Glaze-covered brick、Grey Stone、Wood Floor、Rattan plaited articles、Malay Paint、Metalcai
Project Ending Time:2018.05

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