RUN RUN RUN by Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation

Micro urban techno-farm, new experiences for community life

Project Specs


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项目位于一个现代风格建筑的底部,内部设置了玻璃温室与人工洞穴,以保护悬空的蔬菜花园。Run Run Run可以被视为一个小型城市科技农场,其厨房中烹饪的大部分食材都来自于这个悬吊花园。

Its architecture is an urban techno-farm: a big house stuck inside a modern building; an assemblage of greenhouse and grotto, both protecting a hanging vegetable garden. A large portion of the ingredients cooked in Run Run Run’s kitchen come from this garden.

▼项目位于一个现代风格建筑的底部, a big house stuck inside a modern building © José Hevia

▼种植蔬菜悬挂在内部温室与外立面之间的缝隙空间内, hanging vegetable in the gap space between the green house and the facade © José Hevia

▼缝隙空间中悬挂花园, hanging vegetable in the gap space © José Hevia

▼悬挂花园细部,detail of the hanging vegetable © José Hevia


Organized around an open kitchen, the design intends to offer an alternative to the modern separation between zones to work and zones to eat. The project takes to its limits the possibility of overlapping activities. It hybridizes showers with lockers, the kitchen, the vegetable garden, and the dining room in an ecosystem-like interior.

▼项目设计图,project design drawing © Andrés Jaque

▼位于底层的开放式厨房,open kitchen on the ground floor © José Hevia

▼厨房前的准备工作区, meeting-kitchen room in front of the kitchen © José Hevia

▼天花板上不规则的天窗为底层提供了自然采光,Irregular skylights in the ceiling provide natural light to the ground floor © José Hevia

▼位于二层的就餐区与休闲空间,eating relaxing space on the first floor © José Hevia

RUN RUN RUN 社区食堂旨在鼓励人们以不同的方式体验城市。该项目不仅是一个将城市变身为游乐场的基础设施,同时也是一个引导人们改善饮食习惯的场所。它将人们从狭促的家庭空间中解放出来,并通过促进个性化的活动,为人们提供了人际交往的机会。

Run Run Run is an ally in encouraging humans to use the city differently, an infrastructure that turns the city into a playground and a place for people to transform their bodies. It supports emancipation from domestic spaces and provides opportunities for inter-human gathering through activities that usually promote individuality.

▼定制桌椅,custom tables and chairs © Asier Rúa

▼桌椅与二层地板细部,detail of the first floor © José Hevia

▼更衣室与浴室前的准备区为人们提供了一个共同工作与社交的空间,meeting-kitchen room in front of the locker and the shower room provides a space for people to work and socialize together © Miguel de Guzmán

▼项目夜景,night view of the project © José Hevia

▼低层平面图,ground floor plan © Andrés Jaque

▼一层平面图,first floor plan © Andrés Jaque

▼剖面图,section © Andrés Jaque

Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation
Roberto González García, Laura Mora, Luis González, Alberto Heras,
Ludovica Battista, Nieves Calvo, Marina Fernández, Marta Jarabo, Danay Kamdar, Pablo Maldonado, Solé Mallol, Valentina Marín, Flavio Martella, Bansi Mehta, Jesús Meseguer Cortés, Martín Noguerol, Víctor Nouman García, Alessandro Peja, Larissa Reis, David Rodrigo, Isabel Sánchez, Belverence Tameau, Silvia Valero
Structure Engineering: 
Mecanismo. Ingeniería de Estructuras (Juan Rey, Jacinto Ruiz)
Construction Company: Alonso y Blanco
Quantity Surveyor: Dirtec. Arquitectos Técnicos
Health and Safety Coordination: Dirtec. Arquitectos Técnicos
Photo : Miguel de Guzmán, José Hevia, Asier Rúa
Film by Imagen Subliminal, with sound by Jorge López Conde. With the special collaboration of Martín Perea Bboy.
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