Rong Cultural Center by ZAV Architects

A spiritual oasis in a barren land

Project Specs


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Rong is located in Hormoz main port. Hormoz Island is an oval-shaped salty patch, near Bandar Abbas-Persian Gulf with 42 land area. It is warm, humid & dry & is economically stressed out.

▼霍尔莫兹岛和Rong文化中心,Hormoz Island and Rong Cultural Center ©Soroush Majidi


▼文化中心俯瞰图,Top view of the Rong Cultural Center on Persian Gulf ©Soroush Majidi

Before offering any architecture typology for Rong. We had decided to have a calculated presence in Island by paying attention to social and environmental sustainability. A collaborative process has been set up towards future vision for Island & multi-disciplinary brainstorming workshops were held by participation of both Hormozians & designer.

▼文化中心后视图,Back view of the Rong Cultural Center ©Soroush Majidi


▼文化中心正视图,Front view of the Rong Cultural Center ©Soroush Majidi

▼咖啡馆,Rong Cafe ©Soroush Majidi

As a result, first a community center was set up temporarily to gain participation of locals. With intention of providing permanent space for cultural activities and due to lack of an acceptable construction system & architectural typology offering something that deals with geography and environment of Hormoz was essential in shaping process.

▼俯瞰文化中心的公共空间,View to public space of the Rong ©Soroush Majidi

▼看向文化中心的东部,View to public space of the Rong to the east ©Soroush Majidi

为了获得与岛屿相协调的空间,项目团队对霍尔莫兹的地貌进行了研究,并选择了一种类似于山丘的土地。研究小组认为,夯土系统和Nader Khalili的SUPERADOBE建造系统(特点是就地取材、造价低廉、耐候及抗震性好)均可借鉴以构造出这种自然形态。在施工过程中,填充沙袋技术与水泥覆盖的钢结构也被结合起来。

To obtain such a space which is harmonized with the island, Geo-morphology of Hormoz has been studied and one of a kind of land effects that is a like short hills has been chosen. To construct such a natural form, team concluded that rammed earth system & Nader Khalili’s SUPERADOBE could be appropriated. In its implementation, adopted sandbag technology was combined with steel structure covered with cement.

▼行走在公共空间,A man coming down the public place ©Soroush Majidi

▼当地小孩在公共空间玩耍,A child from Hormoz playing on public space ©Soroush Majidi

▼游客中心,Tourist information ©Soroush Majidi


Rong includes a 45 square meter tourist information and café & a bike rental at the same size with 80 square meter back stage. An 80 square meter step platform hosts cultural activities, events & ceremonies that operate as a mediator between locals & tourists & is an urban space that people can walk on it. It has harmony with island’s geomorphology & is iconic at same time. Its presence brings pride for Hormozians & is seen as a beautiful space by answering demand of a cultural center.

▼路人经过文化中心前的海滨,A woman from Hormoz is passing seashore together with her son, Rong is in background ©Soroush Majidi

▼阶梯细部,Stairs morph in topographic landscape architecture informed by Hormoz Geo-Morphology ©Soroush Majidi


▼咖啡厅内部,Interior view of the Rong cafe ©Soroush Majidi

Rong brought a flexible public space. Café became a break space for tourists, locals & nearby workers. Stairs are playing a public space role that embrace musical, cultural, environmental events, & shapes Hormozians’ night life. It is sustainable & recyclable fast and easy built with ease, it can be replicated again & again.

▼从公共空间向西看,View from public space of the Rong to the west ©Soroush Majidi

▼夜景,Night view of the Rong Cultural Center ©Soroush Majidi

▼平面图,Plan ©ZAV Architects

▼立面图,Elevation ©ZAV Architects

▼剖面图,Section ©ZAV Architects

Lead Architects: Mohammadreza Ghodousi, Golnaz Bahrami, Fatemeh Rezaie, Soroush Majidi
Client: Ehsan Rasoolof
Design Director of Prototype and Rong Center: Soroosh Majidi
Research and Design team: Kaveh Rashidzadeh, Mohsen Safshekan, Hossein Panjepour,
Yeganeh Ghezelloo
Design of Communication Center: Maral Ashgvari
Construction: Ehsan Rasoolof
Client Project Manager: Amir Nobahari Tehrani
Site Manager: Hormat Ghasemi
Supervision: Soroosh Majidi
Structure: Behrang Baniadam
Electrical: Peyman Shafeeian
Mechanical: Peyman Shafeeian
Operation Manager: Amin Davaee
Furniture: Amin Davaee
Graphic: Yeganeh Ghezelloo, Negar Yaraghi, Golnaz Khosrawani
Photo credits: Soroush Majidi

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