Ring (do/undo/redo) by Brut Deluxe / Ben Busche + Miguel de Guzmán

Dynamic light installation for Lichtfest Leipzig 21

Project Specs


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do/undo/redo)是为莱比锡21届灯光节创作的一个特定地点的动态灯光装置。莱比锡灯光节旨在纪念1989109日在东德城市莱比锡发生的示威活动 —— 这是和平革命开始的决定性催化剂最终导致了柏林墙的倒塌。

▼视频,video © ImagenSubliminal

Ring (do/undo/redo) is a site-specific dynamic light installation created for Lichtfest Leipzig 21. Lichtfest Leipzig commemorates the demonstrations on 9 October 1989 in the East German city of Leipzig – a decisive catalyst for the start of the Peaceful Revolution that finally led to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

▼装置概览,overview© ImagenSubliminal


The installation consists of a circular wall with two openings that give access to the interior space. Ring plays with space and atmospheric perceptions focusing on the immersive experience of the visitors. The archetypical and iconic spatial layout displays conceptual opponents like interior+ exterior, we +other, included +excluded. The installation extends into the surrounding urban space and transforms it through the use of light.

▼鸟瞰,aerial view© ImagenSubliminal

▼“环”形空间,a circular wall forming space© ImagenSubliminal


The wall itself is a 2,80m tall transparent screen with dynamic lighting. On the inside, the wall is covered by 450 mirror-foiled balloons multiplying and reflecting both lights and visitors. The outside of the wall is covered with white latex balloons blurring the low-res video displayed on the 21×204 pixel LED screen.

▼装置与城市广场,installation and the plaza © ImagenSubliminal


The installation is built by a local fabricator; all materials applied are ready-mades and will be reused.

mirror-foiled balloons multiplying and reflecting both lights and visitors © ImagenSubliminal

▼变化的灯光,the changing lights © ImagenSubliminal

▼与装置互动,interaction with the balloons © ImagenSubliminal


On initiative of the City of Leipzig, the installation was opened to a process of participation and collaboration with several local NGOs and activists focusing on youth, future and sustainability.

▼动态照明,dynamic lighting © ImagenSubliminal

▼回收材料,recycled materials © ImagenSubliminal


The ideas elaborated during the process and two workshops held in June and August in Leipzig have influenced both the video content and the wall’s final definition. Three panels of a total of 12 have been ceded to be entirely constructed by these agents with recycled translucent or reflective materials. 

▼细部,details © ImagenSubliminal

NGOs + activists:
Verein Restlos e.V. www.muetterzentrum-leipzig.de/projekt/restlos-das-kreative-upcyclingprojekt
Aktionsbündnis “Leipzig fürs Klima” www.leipzigfuersklima.de
Bunte Gärten Leipzig e.V. www.bunte-gaerten.org
Freies Gymnasium Borsdorf www.freies-gymnasium-borsdorf.de
Kunstofferei Leipzig www.kunststofferei.de
LGH Leipziger Gewerbehof GmbH & Co. KG www.lgh-leipzig.de
Stadtreinigung Leipzig www.stadtreinigung-leipzig.de

Technical data:
Screen: 21 x 204 RGB LED bulbs
450 mirror foiled balloons / 1400 latex balloons

ILS Medientechnik GmbH

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