RINDBERG GEO TRAIL By Innauer Matt Architekten

Trail is an emotional, sensoric, sometimes irritating encounter with the archaic powers of nature.

Project Specs


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1999年,一场巨大的山崩昏毁灭了奥地利Sibratsgfäll小镇的几户人家,灾难之后的残骸被遗存在山谷之中。15年后,人们终于懂得周围世界的一切都在变化,于是大家鼓励彼此去接近并感受大自然的神奇力量。设计事务所IMA与Super BfG设计团队合作在山崩遗址中建造了一系列极具创意的装置。8个项目有选择性的安置在小镇周围,承载着小镇人民的情感记忆,配合着大自然的变迁。我们如何看待人与生俱来的认知和常理化的认同?我们如何才能真正理解,一切客体都是在移动和变化之中的?设计师想让这些装置变得不简单,同时又努力避免其变成一种信息多媒体体验。Rindberg Geo Trail是一个可移动,可触碰,可感受大自然原始能量刺激的装置。是山林景致中清晰的人类印记。所有的设计作品都是抽象的,用锋利的线条,平面和客体勾勒出山林中独特的风景。这种独特还表现在材料的运用。不锈钢经久耐用,永不褪色,其光亮的外表与周边绿色环境形成强烈反差。灾难性的过去和人们面对灾后重建的态度,将一同被铭记。

▼不锈钢装置与山间景色对比强烈,stainless steel makes a sharp contrast in green surroundings

In 1999, a massive landslide destroyed several family homes in Sibratsgfäll, leaving its traces in the landscape and in the village’s soul. 15 years later, the community has learned to live with the fact that their surroundings are in motion. An informative trail invites people to get in touch, to see and feel the power of nature. In cooperation with the design team at Super BfG, Innauer Matt Architects developed the creative and constructional concept for the various stations of the Rindberg Geo Trail.Eight objects were placed in selected spots around Sibratsgfäll, linking the emotional side of life with the movements of nature in the region. How do we deal with the innate lop-sidedness of (human) existence and the way we sometimes cling to a certain status quo? How can we learn to live with the fact that everything is always changing, in motion? We consciously made the trail stops simple, yet striking and refrained from making this a complex, information-oriented multi-media experience. The Rindberg Geo Trail is an emotional, sensoric, sometimes irritating encounter with the archaic powers of nature. Our objects are the clear, definite human imprint we left in this special landscape.Therefore, the formal design is abstract, using sharp-edged lines, planes and objects that have a strange, unfamiliar air to them. This idea is also reflected in the material we used throughout the trail. Stainless steel with its shimmering look makes a sharp contrast in green surroundings; it is durable, does not deform in heat or cold, will never develop patina that would allow the objects to blend into their surroundings. This way, the disaster that hit this village and the way people dealt with it will still be remembered even when the scars in the landscape and in people’s hearts have faded over time.

▼抽象的装置形态,abstract design



▼概念设计图纸,concept plan




Client: Community of Sibratsgfäll
Concept: Super BfG and Inner Matt
Architecture: Innauer Matt, Bezau
Design: Super BfG, Egg
Photography: Adolf Bereuter,Dornbirn
Metalwork: Waldmetall, Hittisau
Earthworks: Stapelmann Bau, Sibratsgfäll
Rope: Seilerei Wüstner, Mellau
Lettering: Fetzcolor,Alberschwende
Engraving: Hölzl Gravuren, Götzis
Construction: Objects and displays in stainless steel

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