Resting Pods for Nike by Studio Bertjan Pot

resting space created with lightweight structure

Project Specs


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These objects were made for NIKE exhibition ’The Nature Of Motion’ at the Milan Design Week 2016. Nike invited 10 designers to create (furniture) pieces to support an exhibition about their ongoing research in creating a shoe that gives the foot ultimate freedom to move. The hand-woven resting pods are pieces in which several ideas came together.

The first thought I had on this project, with the Milan fair in mind, was to make a resting place. Crisscrossing the city from one exhibition to another wears people out. I like the Idea of Sportswear Company Nike offering relaxation.

A net seemed to be a very “Nike thing” to rest on because of its’ lightweight structure and minimal on material. While investigating I came to weaving ropes and laces around inner tubes. Using basket weaving principals, the resting pods became an exercise in fiber-placement and lightweight constructions.

▼休息舱的主角是这些大大小小的手工编织的凳子,the round seating devices with various sizes




More:  Studio Bertjan Pot ,更多请至:Studio Bertjan Pot on gooood 

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