RED THREADS by Miguel de la Torre Architects

The predestined encounter

Project Specs


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“An invisible thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, and circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle. But it will never break.”




▼装置鸟瞰图,位于VERACRUZ 85区域的庭院内,bird-eye’s view of the installation in the courtyard of the VERACRUZ 85

The legend of the Red Thread tells us that there are people predestined to meet each other along their lives. We are all connected by a red thread tied to our pinky finger, which connects us with those who must coincide in our lives, with whom we will make history.

This legend is born from a thin vein that connects the heart with the small finger of our hand, to leave the body and connect with the finger and finally someone else’s heart. As well as the veins of the human body, this thread is branched, it connects us with all those to whom we can help, transform and love.

▼位于庭院内的装置,the installation in the courtyard

▼位于庭院内的装置,给人一种一半装置被埋于地下的错觉,呼应了“月老红线”的传说,the installation in the courtyard, creating an illusion that half of the installation is buried underneath the ground to respond the legend of the Red Thread

▼位于庭院的装置局部,partial view of the installation in the courtyard

▼装置细节,installation details


Inspired by this legend, the piece represents that red thread that unites people between neighborhoods, cities and countries, this interpretation aims to unite us, no matter how different and how far apart we are.

▼城市绿化带里的红线装置,位于VERACRUZ 85区域内,红色的折线寓意着邻里之间、城市之间和国家之间的人们都被一根红线所联系着,the Red Thread installation in the green space of the VERACRUZ 85, the red thread unites people between neighborhoods, cities and countries

▼居民区道路上的红线装置,位于VERACRUZ 85区域内,the Red Thread installation in the street of the residential area of the VERACRUZ 85

前两件装置作品被放置在了墨西哥城的La Condesa街区内。该地区十分有名,格外受到年轻人、学生、外国人和“铲屎官”们的青睐。尽管这里一直是作为住宅区存在的,但它主要是由咖啡馆、精品商店、艺术画廊和餐厅等功能空间构成的,是一个多元化的生活空间,每天都会有各种邂逅在这里上演,这也是设计师选择这里作为红线装置展出场地的原因。

The first two pieces were placed at La Condesa neighborhood in Mexico City. This area is famous, especially among young businesspeople, students, foreigners and pet lovers. Although this area has been always residential, it’s mostly filled with cafes, boutiques, art galleries and restaurants, this is why Hilos Rojos was placed there, it’s a place where diversity lives and connections are made every day.

▼位于CONDESA内的装置远景,distant view of the installation located at the CONDESA

▼位于街头公园内的装置近景,close view of the installation located at the street park


These pieces are the first of many that are intended to be placed, for the time being, in Mexico City.

▼DE LA LUZ大道上的红线装置,the Red Thread installation located on the BLVD DE LA LUZ

Architect author of the work: Miguel de la Torre
Location: Mexico City
Year construction term: 2018
Photographers: Jorge Garrido / Jasso
Material: MDF
México City 2018

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