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本项目不仅是技术型公司INELCOM S.A.的总部大楼和研发中心,同时也是一个展览中心,用以展示INELCOM所拥有的当代艺术藏品。

The building is intended for Headquarters and Research and Development Center of the technological company INELCOM S.A., as well as an exhibition center of the INELCOM collection of contemporary art.

▼研发大楼沿街外观远景,distant street view of the R&D Building


It is organized in four floors: two underground, the first dedicated to house the Art Collection and the second to parking, and two above ground, the ground floor with the entrance and the large room that contains the workplaces and the first floor where the management and administration offices are concentrated.

▼研发大楼沿街立面外观局部,设有百叶窗般的横向立面元素,partial street view of the R&D Building with horizontal louver-like facade elements


▼研发大楼北立面外观,立面以玻璃为主,二层设有百叶窗般的纵向立面元素,north facade of the R&D Building, the glass dominates the north side with vertical louver-like facade elements added on the first floor

研发大楼北立面外观局部近景,partial close north view of the R&D Building

▼研发大楼东立面外观,设有一系列柱子,east facade of the R&D Building with columns

▼室外平台,the exterior terrace

The building, with a prismatic volumetry, approaches the southern edge to free a large garden space at the bottom of the plot where a forest of native trees is growing. All the upper floor spaces turn to this future forest with a north orientation. The large work room is designed as a double-height hypostyle hall that will reflect the outer forest, thus becoming the functional and spatial heart of the building.

▼首层的大型开放式办公空间,设有一系列柱子,玻璃立面将室外景观引入室内,the open large work room on the ground floor designed as a double-height hypostyle hall that will reflect the outer forest

▼首层的大型开放式办公空间,设有白色的展墙和黑色的隔断墙,the open large work room on the ground floor with the white display wall and the black separator

▼办公空间内的白色展墙和黑色隔断墙,the white display wall and the black separator

▼白色展墙和黑色隔断墙后方的休息空间,the lounge space behind the white display wall and the black separator

▼首层办公空间内的展台,the display counter in the work space on the ground floor

▼通向二层的木制旋转楼梯,the wooden spiral stairs leading up to the first floor

▼二层的行政管理空间,the management and administration area on the second floor

▼二层的管理行政办公室,玻璃立面确保了室内外视线的连贯性,穿过玻璃门可直接到达室外平台,the management and administration office on the first floor, the glass facade provides a visual connection between interior and exterior with the door leading people to the exterior terrace

▼二层的室外露台,the outdoor terrace on the first floor

▼二层南侧的半室外走廊,the semi-outdoor corridor on the south side of the first floor



▼地下一层的影像艺术展厅,the video art exhibition space on the first underground floor

▼地下一层展览空间局部,选择白色涂漆石膏板面板作为墙体饰面,partial interior view of the exhibition space of the first underground space with white painted plasterboard panels as the cladding

The lower floor, which is accessed by a curved ramp of large dimensions and brutalist aesthetics, is the container of almost 3,000 m2 dedicated to avant-garde art exhibition where painting, sculpture, video art, installations … follow each other creating a fascinating world, buried and secret.

The materials and construction systems seek the honesty, durability and maximum expressiveness of each material. Thus, concrete, Maple wood in vertical cladding, iroko wood in suspended ceilings, Borriol limestone in pavements, exterior carpentry in dark gray painted steel and white painted plasterboard panels in the rest of the cladding are six materials used, all of them, noble materials with good aging, to which the passage of time adds a patina of solidity and timelessness.

▼研发大楼模型,physical model of the R&D Building

▼首层(办公空间)平面图,ground floor (work space floor) plan

▼地下一层(展览层)平面图,first underground floor (exhibition floor) plan

▼立面图和剖面图,facade and section 1

Project Name: R&D Building INELCOM S.A.
Address: Calle José Isbert 16, Image City, Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid)
Project and work: 2001-2008
Surface of the plot: 7,091 m2
Surface built on ground level: 2,387 m2
Surface built below ground level: 5,848 m2Architects: Sanz and Carmel Gradolí
Riggers: Manuel Iglesias and Emilio Rodríguez
Construction company: Peyber Hispania
Structure Calculation: INCEC Engineering

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