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(Video!) Drawing Architecture Studio – Li Han: My mission is changing the vague city to an extreme and clear one with my drawings.

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▲ Architects Who Love to Draw – 4 – DRAWING ARCHITECTURE STUDIO



信步辑子分类“爱画画的建筑师”这次先推出4期,这是第四期:绘造社:“建筑绘画有着很大的潜力,我一直想在这条路上走的更远一点 … … 我还是把自己定位为建筑师,就是Paper Architects,纸上建筑师 … … 我的使命就是通过绘画作品让城市暧昧的现实变得更极端更清晰”

Rumble, to take a glance at the world by wandering. Ramble is an album including many sub-albums, and this sub-album is about architects who love to draw. Someone uses computer to draw illustrations and to make maps; someone sketches by writing brushes; someone develops an App for doodling. Some of them changed their professions and devote into the internet industry, and some of them still work as architects and insist on their study of drawing. How do those architects who love to draw live and create?

This sub-album of Rumble, “architects who love drawing”, includes 4 episodes, and here’s the four episode: DRAWING ARCHITECTURE STUDIO– ” There are great potentialities in architectural drawing. I want to go further and dig into this field deeper… An architect, to be accurate, a paper architect, is the positioning for myself… My mission is changing the vague city to an extreme and clear one with my drawings.”

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Editor: Xiang Ling, Su Xin, Chen Nuojia, Dong Tianwanyu (Intern)

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