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The Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies (QFIS), is located on the Education City Campus, Doha. The scheme provides world class teaching and faculty space and the Education City campus mosque. QFIS is based on the Islamic ‘Kulliyya’ or ‘place where all knowledge is sought’ and the building provides a progressive learning environment which places the institution at the forefront of contemporary Islamic pedagogy countering the pejorative image of Islamic education.  


▼项目包含教学楼和清真寺两个部分,the scheme provides the teaching space and the Education City campus mosque


The Kulliyya implies that knowledge and faith are interwoven but that all knowledge ultimately comes from faith. This relationship is explored in QFIS through the infinite spiral building plan and multiple routes that bind faculty to mosque. Uniquely for the Muslim World, the scheme gives male and female students parity by providing co-educational, non-hierarchical space where men and women have equal consideration. The layout places the large volume of the mosque at one end, with the library, classrooms and faculty offices in the middle, culminating with two 90m high minarets symbolizing ¨knowledge and light¨.  

▼象征着“知识与光明”的尖塔指向天空,the volume culminating with two minarets symbolizing “knowledge and light”

▼建筑拥有可调节的双层立面,the building has a two-skin modulated façade


The mosque is lifted by the ‘five pillars of Islam’ inscribed with Quranic verse referring to Hajj, Fasting, Charity, Prayer and Belief and the pillars provide a cool undercroft leading to the student entrance.  Teaching accommodation is both formal and informal while including the use of corridors, lounges, and learning in the landscaped Islamic garden. The faculty is symbolically separated from the mosque by a four story ablution cascade wrapped around an undulating stair acting as point of meditative calm before entry into the scared space of the mosque.  

▼清真寺被五个“伊斯兰柱”托起,the mosque is lifted by the ‘five pillars of Islam’

▼立面上雕刻着《古兰经》中的箴言,the facade is inscribed with Quranic verse

▼开阔的中庭,the wide courtyard


▼环绕着中庭的就座区域,seating area around the courtyard

▼办公空间,work space


▼阶梯教室,lecture hall


The scheme is intrinsically sustainable; the large south facing mosque self-shades the scheme. The undercroft is a tempered shaded space. Classrooms are provided with cool courtyards and the ceramic cladding reduces solar heat whilst permitting natural light. Elevations incorporate a two skin modulated façade that changes around the buildings to mitigate solar radiation. The Islamic garden creates microclimates enabling outdoor learning for nearly 5 months in a year. Native planting uses little water and is irrigated using grey water from the mosque ablution.  

▼南向的清真寺能够为整座建筑提供荫蔽,the large south facing mosque self-shades the scheme

▼教学楼盘旋的楼梯, the spiral staircase in the faculty

▼如瀑布般围绕着楼梯的结构,the ablution cascade wrapped around an undulating stair


QFIS has rapidly become a focal point not only for students but for the wider community, enabling the building to break down barriers of class and social-status. In a troubled world, QFIS suggests that an Islamic space can be contemporary, progressive and inclusive but, above all, can act as a beacon of hope in opposition to nihilistic conflict that has gripped the Middle East region.

▼伊斯兰花园提供了户外教学空间,the Islamic garden creates microclimates enabling outdoor learning

Project: Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies
Location: Education City, Doha
Status: Completed 2015
Area: 41,000m2 and 70,000 m2 landscape
Client: Qatar Foundation
Architects: MYAA
Collaborators: Arup
Photo credits: MYAA & Qatar Foundation

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