Public Park in Tlalnepantla, Mexico by PRODUCTORA

Simple blocks constitute rich space

Project Specs


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该项目位于Tlanepantla市的El Tenayo住宅区,旨在修复一处隆起的地段,并将其改造为开放的公共空间。

The project is located in the El Tenayo Housing Unit area, in the Municipality of Tlanepantla de Baz. The proposal consists in the rehabilitation of a large existing ridge, which worked as an open public space.

Tlanepantla市公园鸟瞰,bird view of the park in Tlanepantla ©Erick Mendez

在该项目中,设计师将场地划分为一组9个20 x 20 m正方形,并按照现有的地形条件依次排列。每个正方形地块上设定一个活动类型:带有旗杆的市民广场,树阵广场,带有儿童娱乐设施的活动场,带有长椅的休闲广场,多功能三角亭,滑板公园,户外健身房和带有两个看台的多功能体育场。

Tlanepantla市公园轴测图,9个不同功能的方形广场,axonometric drawing of the park in Tlanepantla, nine squares with specific program ©PRODUCTORA

The intervention proposes a set of 9 squares, each measuring 20 x 20 m, which are arranged on the plot, following the existing topography. Each of the squares contains a specific program: a civic square with a flagpole, a tree-lined square, a square with children’s game infrastructure, a square with square benches, a multi-purpose triangular pavilion, a Skate Park, an outdoor gym, and two multipurpose courts with stands.

▼方块场地顺应地形依次排列,squares are arranged on the plot following the existing topography ©Erick Mendez

▼游乐设施及三角亭, game infrastructure and triangular pavilion ©Erick Mendez


The whole property is enclosed by a perimeter of sidewalk and a 2.50m wide running track. The link between each of the squares and the sidewalk is achieved by the use of stairs and ramps, in such a way that all of them meet the accessibility requirements. The intervention also includes the improvements of sidewalks, street lighting, gardening and street furniture.

▼广场与人行道之间通过楼梯或坡道连接,link between each of the squares and the sidewalk is achieved by the use of stairs and ramps ©Erick Mendez

▼公园场地平面,site plan of the park ©PRODUCTORA

▼公园平面,plan of the park ©PRODUCTORA

Architectural Design: PRODUCTORA (Carlos Bedoya, Víctor Jaime, Wonne Ickx, Abel Perles) 
Collaborators: Daniela Diaz, Natalia Echeverria, Alonso Sanchez, Diego Velazquez
Location: El Tenayo Housing Unit, Municipality of Tlalnepantla de Baz, State of Mexico
Typology: Public Infrastructure
Area: 9,800 m2
Client: INFONAVIT (Instituto del Fondo Nacional de la Vivienda)
Date: 2019
Photography: Erick Mendez

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