Primates, Ceramic Vases, 2017 by Elena Salmistraro

The ape is the animal that best evokes man.

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A collection of vases in fine ceramic, a contemporary reinterpretation of ancient Roman pottery, famous for its typical animist and friendly character, when objects were not inert beings but had their own“soul”, the ceramic vases collection Primates is a powerful conceptual reminder that draws our attention to the delicate relationship that exists between man and ape.


The ape is the animal that best evokes man, in the shape of the body, expressions and movements.



This power of similarity to man is what makes it fascinating and what inspired the creation of these vases, whose “soul” is encompassed in the details and colourful textures. They come into our home and seduce us with their vital force.

* Mandrillus = Mandrill – belonging to the family of African cercopithecidae
* Kandti = Golden monkey – Cercopithecus kandti, belonging to the family of African cer-copithecidae family
* Brazza = DeBrazza’s monkey – belonging to the family of African cercopithecidae

Dimensions: h 40 cm x 27 cm x 23 cm
Material: Ceramic

More: Elena Salmistraro.

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