Plastic + Glass = Plass by Luca Nichetto

Flower non-flower.

Project Specs

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这款叫Plass的灯结合塑料”plastic”的材料和玻璃 “glass”的工艺。工人用制作玻璃制品的旋转传统工艺制作这款透明的塑料灯。这是第一次将此技术大规模的运用在照明行业。最后成型品的表面就像手工的玻璃制品那样有轻微的起伏,形成微妙的光感。




Plass – a name bringing “plastic” and “glass” together – interprets the artisan tradition of glass by means of a contemporary material and process: rotational-moulded transparent polycarbonate. Thanks to this technology, which is used for the first time on such a large scale in the lighting industry, the finishes are characterized by slight irregularities, highlighted by the light source, like in handmade glass.

Therefore, Plass represents a common thread binding the origins of the designer, who was born on the island of Murano, to his vocation for innovation and experimentation with new materials.


Design: Luca Nichetto
Material: Polycarbonate
Typology: light
Client: Foscarini
Year: 2011

MORE: Luca Nichetto,更多请至:Luca Nichetto on gooood 

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