Pibamarmi Pavilion 2013 / Alberto Campo Baeza

Gravity lightweight.

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西班牙著名建筑师Alberto Campo Baeza设计了2013年Pibamarmi展馆,表达的主题是将重力轻量化。在一个8x8x4的立方体空间中悬浮着一个4x4x1的混凝土体,这个体       量的平整下部离地面只有1.9米的高度。在这种尺度之下,人们还是可以感受到重力所带来的压力。如此简单,如此有效。

The PIBAMARMI pavilion at the 2013 edition of MARMOMACC in Verona was designed by the Spanish architect Alberto CAMPO BAEZA, winner of the Fair’s International Award Architecture in Stone 2013 for the office building of the Castilla León Junta in front of the Cathedral in Zamora.

The pavilion for PIBAMARMI represents the materialization of the power of Gravity over Light. It consists of an enormous hazelnut travertine stone measuring 4x4x1 m
suspended in the air at only 1,90 m height in the center of a cube of Light measuring
8x8x4 m, over a reflective floor. Passing below such a massive, low-hanging stone, we
physically feel the compression produced by its weight. As simple as that.




CAMPO BAEZA is a tenured professor at ETSAM and an architect of international renown who designed the award-winning pavilion for PIBAMARMI at the 2009 edition of MARMOMACC. In 2013 he has received the Heinrich Tessenow Gold Medal in Germany and the Arnold W. Brunner Memorial Prize from the American Academy of Arts and Letters of New York and the International Award Architecture in Stone 2013 in Italy which has presented to him in Verona at MARMOMACC 2013.

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