PHOENIXSIMPLE fashion store, China by MOYE Design Studio

An orderly changing space

Project Specs


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就外在的概念而言,每一根独立的线或绘画的形就是一种元素。就内在的概念而言,元素不是形本身,而是活跃在其中的内在张力。 ——康定斯基

In terms of external concept, each independent line or drawing shape is an element. In terms of the internal concept, the element is not the form itself, but the internal tension active in it. — Kandinsky

▼空间概览,overview ©林峰

PHOENIXSIMPLE经营的是一线成衣的技术,它由一根或数根纱线合股,运用全成型横编织机完成,以整件状态、三维立体方式一次性编织出来。 结合产品简约的特性,这次我们以穿透流动式的空间表达方式,简单的立体体块穿插,分离,构建一个有序变化的空间。

PHOENIXSIMPLE operates a line of ready to wear technology, which is composed of one or several yarns, and is completed by using a fully formed horizontal knitting machine. It is woven in the whole state and three-dimensional way. Combined with the simplicity of the product, this time we use the space expression method of penetration and flow. Simple solid blocks are interspersed and separated to build an orderly changing space.

▼主厅,main hall ©林峰

▼从走廊吧台望向入口,view to the entrance from the corridor bar ©林峰

▼走廊,corridor ©林峰


We are independent in the whole space according to the series division of clothing display.

▼展示空间,display area ©林峰

▼空间细部,detailed view ©林峰


The final effect of the design is to present the clothing. According to the owner’s clothing style, we choose white emulsion paint, terrazzo and plaster as the main materials, and black metal edging.

▼洽谈区,discussion area ©林峰

▼室内细部,interior detailed view ©林峰


项目设计 & 完成年份:2019.3设计&2019.6完成
主创及设计团队:朱洁媚 费佳欢

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