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The foundations of a just society can be supported by the new eco-friendly architecture.

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菲律宾是一个有 50 种方言,30个种族的群岛,现今正在积极地进行国家建设。菲律宾充分利用了她多样的民族环境,融合了各个地区的历史,创造了辉煌的成就。这个国家最大的优势来源于他们不同种族之间的合作。在菲律宾语中,bayanihan 的意思就是公共工作,这也反映出他们建立国家的宗旨。

The Philippines is in an active process of nation-building. Our country is a cultural archipelago with 50 dialects, 30 ethnicities, and a history of being open to trade winds in all directions. We are a social tapestry of difference; as such, our greatest triumphs derive from the ability to work together and make the most of our country’s heterogeneous reality. In fact, the Filipino word for communal work, bayanihan, also illustrates the story of building a country (derived from the word bayan, referring to nation, country, town or community).

▼ 菲律宾最高法院概念设计,the Philippine Supreme Court proposal


The Supreme Court is an institution that helps bring together individuals through the traditions of discourse, reason, and justice. Though it is made up of many distinct entities, the Supreme Court building must perform like one integrated, seamless environment for the delivery of legal wisdom and judicial services.

▼ 最高法院的外观,the appearance of the building


We have designed a building that encapsulates the spirit of one place made out of an amalgam of unifying elements. To create this, we studied the functional requirements of the Supreme Court and discovered that the courts work as one institution with six distinct spatial qualities. As such, we created six clusters and arranged them around a vertical arboretum. This enabled us to reduce the footprint of the building and create more green space, thereby raising our environmental quotient.

▼ 六个不同的功能集群组合成的建筑,the building is composed from six clusters

▼ 建筑轴测图,axonomatric

▼ 大楼下方的植物园,the vertical arboretum


The new Philippine Supreme Court will be the most advanced green institutional complex in the country. Our team of world-class sustainability architects and engineers, responsible for some of the most intelligent and resourceful structures in the world, have devised strategies to reduce the heat load, recycle rain water, increase natural cooling, and power the building through renewal methods.

▼ 入口大厅,the lobby

▼ 大堂,lounge

▼ 礼堂,auditorium

▼ 审判庭,session hall

▼ 大法官办公室,office of justice


The different divisions of the Supreme Court are all highly linked together in an architecturally exceptional way, facilitating efficient workflows while making room for a deep connection with the local environment. We have developed a totem of connectivity set amidst nature. In essence, we have created a building within a botanical garden. The landscapes represent the diverse geographies of the Philippines from the cordilleras to the lush tropical jungles to the palm shaded beaches.

▼ 功能分区的,function distribution diagram

▼ 材料,material


Our ambition is that the foundations of a just society can be supported by an architecture that envisions a new way of living on our planet. This is a building that aspires to connect with the legacy and the tradition of tribal architecture in the Philippines, while employing new technologies to protect our environment. It is an architecture that both responds to the day-to-day service needs of the Courts, and represents the country’s ambitions for a better and more principled future.

▼ 底层平面,Ground floor plan

▼ 一层平面,First floor plan

▼ 二层平面,Second floor plan

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