Panorama restaurant By Innauer Matt Architecten and Architekt Bernd Frick

The volume is nestled against the hillside, that creates a unique view experience.

Project Specs


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▼建筑全貌,full view

The building shape, orientation and internal structure of this clearly and boldly designed panoramic restaurant develop out of the existing topography. The volume is nestled against the hillside on the ridge of the mountain. The external staircase to the roof terrace is following the original terrain and separates the building. The exterior appearance is defined by exposed concrete and glass, while the interior is mostly made of local wood. In contrast to the dark wood that is used for the floor and ceiling of the restaurant, all free‐standing volumes and the entire furniture are constructed out of maple. The charismatic alpine washed concrete wall is made out of stone that was retrieved from the site. 

▼建筑正立面,front view

▼建筑的混凝土外貌,the concrete building


Functional relationships and differentiation are made possible by the simplicity of the spatial arrangement. Unobstructed views into different directions reveal the openness of the sequence of spaces; there is a smooth transition between inside and outside. The immediate adjacency to nature, the stunning vistas over the inserted external staircase up to the summit and the animated flow of the strolling visitors are what make this project so appealing and exciting. The restaurant floor is characterized by the wide horizontal glass facade which draws the impressive nature into the building. The ambivalence between nature and building is supposed the prevailing factor. 

▼简单的室内规划,simple interior layout

▼开阔的立面开窗,the wide open facade

▼外部楼梯将室内空间一分为二,the exposed staircase divides the building into two parts


Panoramarestaurant, Seilbahn Bezau
Architect: Innauer Matt Architekten + Architekt Bernd Frick
Location: Bezau, Vorarlberg, Austria

Site Area: 2000 sqm
Floor Area: 690 sqm
Budget: 1.900.000€

Design Year: 2009 Construction
Year: 2010‐2011
Photographs: Adolf Bereuter

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