Paiva Walkways, Arouca, Portugal

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葡萄牙阿罗卡的派瓦河边,有一条让人惊异的8公里人行道。蜿蜒转折起伏前进的道路串联起各种各样如诗如画的自然美景,让人沉醉在河流,瀑布,原生态的动植物景观中。8公里的历程不单是自然中漫步那么简单,整个人行道的设计不仅尽可能的对景观环境减少干扰,还为人们提供了一个戏剧性的观景体验。木桥紧贴河道延伸,跨越河流与悬崖,在山体上蜿蜒前进,到达山顶。整个路线沿着自然地形在恰当的地方设置休息站和观景点,为人们提供各种美景与全景观赏点。该项目由阿罗卡市政府和Trimetrica工程公司主导。摄影由Nelson Garrido

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Paiva Walkways embraces the Paiva river with an extension of 8km, providing a walking path with a breathtaking natural beauty, with picturesque landscapes, waterfalls and a variety of fauna and flora species.

More than a simple walk in contact with the nature, this is an unique experience deeply characterized by a dramatic landscape and an infrastructure that interferes as little as possible with the landscape.

This is an unusual experience marked by winding stairs to the top of the hill with stunning sceneries, and a very narrow wooden bridge which spans across the river among cliffs and abundant vegetation. The walkway continues along the topography, with rest stops and strategic panoramic points to admire the view.

This project is by Arouca municipality and engineer company Trimetrica.

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Name: Paiva Walkways
Project: TRIMETRICA, Eng.
Type: Walkways
Location: Paiva River, Arouca, Portugal
Date: 2015 – Built
Client: Arouca Municipality

Photography:Nelson Garrido,更多请至:Nelson Garrido on gooood 

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