OXXEO office complex by RAFAEL DE LA-HOZ Arquitectos

A building designed to the most stringent sustainability standards

Project Specs


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2018年11月6日,西班牙建筑公司RAFAEL DE LA-HOZ Arquitectos设计的一栋独一无二的办公综合体oxxeo于马德里北部的拉斯塔布拉斯落成。这栋建筑属于Gmp房地产集团,创新地采用了最严格的可持续设计标准。

NOVEMBER 6, 2018.- Spanish architectural firm, RAFAEL DE LA-HOZ Arquitectos, unveils oxxeo, a unique office complex located in Las Tablas district in the north of Madrid owned by real estate group Gmp. Framed by the most stringent sustainability standards, the building’s design is highly innovative. 


RAFAEL DE LA-HOZ Arquitectos建筑公司在其他项目中十分注重建筑的功效性、可持续性和创新性,本项目亦然。同时,设计师没有忽视美学上的设计,立面的结构框架既美观又遮阳,最大程度上增加进入室内的阳光,让室内看起来宽敞明亮。设计师希望本项目可以满足未来办公的要求,保持空间的互通性、舒适性、灵活性还有可持续性。

RAFAEL DE LA-HOZ Arquitectos has encapsulated in oxxeo some of the architectural values that run through many of its works: efficiency, sustainability and innovation, without neglecting an aesthetic vision, which on this occasion, relies on the structural lattice of the façade which provides solar protection. This skin maximises the amount of natural light entering each floor, making the interior feel very spacious. Oxxeo wants to set a benchmark by embracing key elements of the offices of the future such as connectivity, comfort, flexibility and sustainability. 


▼立面的结构框架既美观又遮阳,the structural lattice of the façade provides solar protection without neglecting an aesthetic vision


Providing five floors with flexible spaces that can easily adapt to the needs of enterprises and their professionals, oxxeo features other facilities custom designed for users, including a rooftop terrace with two padel tennis courts, a running track, an open-air exercise area and a rest area. It also boasts 450 parking spaces located in the basement, including spaces set aside for electric vehicles, efficient vehicles and bikes. 

▼其它角度看建筑整体,view from other point


RAFAEL DE LA-HOZ Arquitectos designed oxxeo to the most stringent sustainability standards, emphasising optimal control over the building’s energy consumption and enhancing accessibility. Besides an A energy label, oxxeo has been awarded the prestigious LEED® Platinum Core & Shell certification and the 5-star DIGA accessibility seal; DIGA stands for the ‘accessibility level distinctive seal’ in Spanish and was created by the Shangri-La Foundation. Both certification levels are the highest awarded by either organisation. 

▼夜景,night view

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