Overseas在海外专辑NO.32—邱思敏 Simin Qiu


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Why study abroad?
I had learned lot basic design ability during four years in China Academy of Art. It is support my working in industrial design company. Because of young, because of the passion for product design, they push me forward. I want increase my ability of design and expand my horizon, so I decide study abroad.




Is there anything happened impressed you?
Actually, the most impressed me is when I walk on the street, I saw every car would give the way immediately when they heard the emergency alarm. You should know the widths of the street in London are much smaller then china’s. Look at China’s situation, no one care about that.




What do you miss about China?
It is manufactory in China. The support from manufactory in UK is limited in product design area. Last time, I try to find a ceramic factory in UK help me produce my project. But there is no any large ceramic factory. 




Will you come back? Why?
Yes. To compare UK and China in products design area, they all have advantage and disadvantage. I hope I can combine their both advantage for my design.



有了对比后回过来看中国是会更清晰。 国内的产品设计还是非常的侠义,很多产品公司还是在简单的做外观造型设计,而欧洲的产品公司会很注重材料及技术的研发,会更有核心竞争力。欧洲比较多的是5-10人左右的设计团队,而国内往往是近百人,可是作品呢?

Is it more distinct to view China in a different environment after going aboard? Any thought?
It will have comparison when I change the environment. Product design in China is very narrow. Most product companies are still focus on the styling. But the company in Europe more focus on material and technology develop. In Europe always 5-10 emperors in the company, but in China 100 emperors design company is not a big deal. But the their work not as well as Europe.



RCA  Kensington校区只有两幢教学楼。也许也是因为这个空间原因促进了各种跨系合作。有一个比较好的教学模式我想传达给国内的老师,第一点是学校里每个专业都会有自己的工作室,每位学生有自己的固定位置,学生从早上9点左右到工作室一直待到半夜,这是非常好的互相学习的机会,要知道RCA的价值就体现在把全世界的牛人聚集到一起而提供平台。第二点是学校的一个传统,就是研究生二年级做毕业设计期间会得到一年级的学生的大力帮助,这对一年级同学来说是难得的学习知识,积累经验与实践的机会。对于毕业生来说作品完成度也会大大提高。

Can you discuss the pedagogical characteristics of the schools you attended?
RCA Kensington campus only has two buildings. We have lots cooperation with other departments thanks to the limited space. First, every department has their own studio and every student has their own space. Students will study in studio from 9am to midnight, this is very good opportunity to talk with others and learn a lot from others. RCA is a platform that attract good designer from worldwide. Second is the tradition of the college. That is fist year students will help graduate student when they begin their final works. It is good for first year student learning, practice and get more experience. In the some time, it is also help second year highly finish their major works.







What is your favorite artist (in wider range such as art, music, movie)? What is the influence?
I do like some artist, but I want to say I’m inference by my family; from learn drawing and study abroad, that is absolutely support by my family.




What amazing character do your works have?
I hope my work is pure and have my personal emotion in it. I hope the audience could understand the connotation or story inside. My works can reflect I am interested in natural materials and the processes that define nature.




When did you start to surf on gooood? Any suggestions?
Gooood is very famous in architecture area; I have been following it only short time. I am a product designer like thinking product from space point of view. I hope Gooood could press some product design from the understanding of architecture view. At last, I hope my works could be a bridge today.
















The end grain project uses the end grain patterns from off-cut waste wooden materials to create a range of new natural patterns by carefully cutting and gluing. This project is focused on the study of wooden materials. It project explores the potential high values of pine and experiments with new and contemporary wood handcraft skills.

Pine is the most commercially prevalent species of tree throughout the world, widely used in carpentry items such as furniture, window frames, panelling, floors and roofing. They have been defined in the cheap timber group because they are fast-growing softwoods in temperate and tropical regions. Generally speaking, after the furniture production there will be lots of off-cut material wastes that can’t be used for large products. However, the tissues of pine, phloem and xylem, which are of tubular shape, can allow light to travel through, and the chemical composition of pine, enables pine to have a wider range of benefits such as light transmission and gorgeous grain patterns. Every piece of off-cut pine materials in the bin has these useful values! These valuable benefits in pine are often neglected and not fully utilised, the wider application of which is what I am trying to explore. Using these natural processes, I want to create a new approach to material composition!

Stationary collection, timepieces and window shutter, altogether present the useful values of this material. They all use off-cut timber from wood workshop and recycled materials from used timber after exhibitions are built. Cut into small pieces of 5mm thickness, and then carefully glued together like mirror images, they create new patterns. The light will travel easily through wood even when the thickness of materials is about 10mm. At the same time, the perfecting skills of craftsmanship transform the off-cut pine into high-end objects with elegant finishes.
This project pioneers a new process to create new materials and provides a new opportunity that allows more people to study and participate in the future. The positive environment also helps this project to acquire sustainable and self-development vitality.


























把水的自然流动力作为造浪机的一部分。在自然法则的和谐统一下,由电力驱动的机器能够创造出一些列有机形态。这台造浪机拥有4个被马达驱动的桨,置于一个一平方米的玻璃水池上。 当它们被启动时水浪随即产生。3-4分钟后底部的沙子就会呈现出涟漪的纹理,随着时间推移进一步强化。通过改变马达的位置与旋转频率可以精确控制纹理呈现出在自然界中不常见的现象。纹理具有难以描述的神秘美学感受。


Focusing on the natural processes and bridging the gap between science and art, this project designs and creates a numerical control wave machine that simulates ocean movement to explore the broad and elegant principles underpinning the formation of ripples patterns.

The surface of our planet’s richly textured crust is made up of a diverse mixture of amazing abstract patterns. It is created by the interplay of geological forces such as heat and pressure in the earth’s interior, and also by external forces such as weathering and erosion caused by sun, wind, water and glacier ice. The interplay is a number of different processes that occur over space and time.

Using water motion of natural forces is part of the wave machine. However, the process by artificial power sources can create a range of organic patterns in accordance with the laws of nature. This wave machine has four paddles driven by motors in a one square metre water tank. It creates waves when they are activated. After three to four minutes, sand ripples texture underneath will occur, and will become more obvious with the lapse of time. By changing the frequency or position of motors, it accurately controls the patterns beyond normal phenomenon that most often occurs in nature. The patterns possess an almost indescribable and mysterious sense of aesthetics.

Therefore, this project aims to simulate the natural processes of making, and yet achieves a level of accuracy and perfection that are uncontrolled by nature.






















Design A Moment of Instantaneous Genesis.
This project is to design a product that has an extremely short but fantastical existence. I use metal patination technique to create a gorgeous pattern on the accessories collection. It keep this extremely short moment lasts forever.

They say nothing lasts forever, but I want take this notion to the extreme. This extremely short moment has been marked in different metals reflect different patterns, iron, stainless steel, brass and copper.

The pattern is like an x-ray film of human skull. Eyewear could become a product that allowed others to see your head. The purpose of this work is to redefine the original meaning of eyewear. See or be seen.

























It shows that life is a repeating cycle process from a new perspective. The ecosystem of animals and plants on the earth all depend on this continuous cycle. Even the atoms we are made by are cycled. They are from the food we eat and the air we breathe. They are in our flesh blood and bone marrow.

The fallen leaves come from nature and return to nature, repeating it in endless cycles. Place the open chair container in the environment where there are trees and leaves; when the leaves fall to the container, it becomes a chair. When the user sits on the chair, the small fragments fall to the ground and decay to continue its life cycle.

The leave of the plane tree fall to the ground and shows the shrink state due to water evaporation, demonstrating the beauty of strength which is rarely notice. Pull the branches of the fallen leaves out, adjust its angle and then become the final form of the chair through the process.

Cell dissolution of the organic substance is a very important part in the life cycle. On the surface of the chair are covered with irregular hexagons, abstractly showing the cell structure of the plant. Take it as the semantic symbol of the life cycle. On the other hand, such hollow structure ensures the ventilation and drying of leaves and does not block the leaves in and out.

The change of season is a never-ending cycle. As spring goes and autumn comes, the chair is changing every moment. The user can fully experience the idea of product life cycle through the direct contact with the fallen leaves and show a stronger desire to pursue nature.





















Where There Is Life, There are Water and Swirl.

World due to scroll all the continuity of life. Also water, it maintain the natural vitality because the swirl motion. Give a chance to release of inhibition of water in the pipeline, and to give life.
According to my understanding, water is gentle and swirly. These two elements have been used in my work. The rotary outlet of the faucet makes water swirl motion. In this water faucet, the water is put through a complicated mechanism in the head of the device to set it into rotary motion so that a type of sprinkling swirl is created.

Two different exits on the housing contribute to the turbines above and below rotating reversely. Touching the switch, the active ratchet wheel forces the passive ratchet wheel out of bayonet. And the switch will restore the initial state immediately.

This unusual-looking water jet emphasizes the beauty of flowing water and provides for a pleasant surprise when it is first turned on. In addition, it visualizes the preciousness of water as a resource and makes users more aware of how they use this valuable raw material.














When:since 2013
Where: London, UK
Who: Simin Qiu 邱思敏
From: Zhejiang
School: Royal College of Art
Contact: qiusimin1989@hotmail.com

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