Out of This World Cinemagraphs from the International Space Station by Armand Dijcks


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世界级摄影师Armand Dijcks给gooood分享了一组独一无二的地球照片。这些照片都是从国际空间站上拍摄,Armand Dijcks利用他和国际空间站机组成员工作的宝贵机会,得到了数以万计的航拍照片。Armand Dijcks将其中一些连贯的照片做成动图,供大家观赏。动图中地球转动的速度是现实速度的24--30倍。采用Flixel Cinemagraph应用程序制作,可无限循环,向人展示地球无限魅力。

▽ Earth from the JEM Window  (如果动图没动,单击进入相册)



I’ve recently been working on a series of 4K cinemagraphs that are, quite literally, out of this world. They were created from images captured by the crew of the International Space Station. In recent years I’ve been fortunate to be able to do some work for one of the astronauts who flew on the ISS. During his mission, he and his crew mates captured almost half a million images of planet Earth.

Having worked with this vast image library to create time lapse segments, I thought they would provide a really great subject for cinemagraphs as well. Cinemagraphs are a hybrid of stills and moving images. In contrast to a time lapse film, a cinemagraph allows you to take in the view and gaze at it for as long as you like.

Most of the space time lapse films you may have seen move very fast. The reason is that the images have usually been captured at 1 frame per second and are played back at 24 or 30 frames per second, making things move 24 or 30 times as fast as in reality. For these cinemagraphs I wanted a more zen-like feel. I wanted the experience to be as close as possible to how the astronauts see it. This meant that I had to slow the footage down dramatically, using the “optical flow” setting in Final Cut Pro.

The final step was to create infinite loops using an application called Flixel Cinemagraph Pro (http://flixel.com). The result was this series of mesmerizing space cinemagraphs.


▽ Southern Ocean to New Zealand (如果动图没动,单击进入相册)

2-Southern Ocean to New Zealand

▽ Over the Atlantic Ocean towards Russia (如果动图没动,单击进入相册)

3-Over the Atlantic Ocean towards Russia

▽ Sunrise and Sunset around Summer Solstice (如果动图没动,单击进入相册)

4-Sunrise and Sunset around Summer Solstice

▽ Moonset over the Atlantic Ocean (如果动图没动,单击进入相册)

5-Moonset over the Atlantic Ocean

▽ Towards Aurora Australis (如果动图没动,单击进入相册)

6-Towards Aurora Australis

About Armand Dijcks:

Armand Dijcks is a cinematographer / photographer who creates moving images, stills and cinemagraphs. His work often combines techniques from the world of still and motion photography to achieve spectacular results. He’s also a teacher and works with world-class fine art photographers, and teach workshops internationally. You can find Armand at http://armanddijcks.com

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