Offices for Regional Government of Andalusia by Cruz y Ortiz Architects

intertwined buildings form a singular overall form

Project Specs


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▼八个相互交织的结构体形成了一个整体,the building bodies of eight intertwined floors to form the shape

The project aims to provide a certain uniqueness and public character to the future headquarters of two government ministries, without lessening the required functional efficiency of a standard office building.A homogeneous open hall of 12.40 metres, without intermediate columns, ideal for an administrative use, gives shape to the building bodies of eight intertwined floors, creating a singular figure. The building, which extends out to the perimeter of the site, defines the alignments of the streets without prejudicing neighbouring buildings.

▼建筑远观,exterior overview

▼从街角看建筑外观,the building view from the street corner

▼整体办公区入口,the entrance of the office

▼从下仰望建筑转折角, the corner of the building view from below

▼建筑立面,the facade


The long perimeter lighting constitutes a continuous and modulated facade that, when folded, creates open and wooded spaces with masses of citrus trees. Above the eight floors a pitched roof provides space for the installations. The changing profile and volumes should give the building a uniqueness appropriate for its public nature.

▼转折处形成了各种开放的绿植空间,种满了大量的柑橘树,the folding space creates open and wooded spaces with masses of citrus trees

▼建筑底层入口空间,entrance space at the bottom of the building

▼八楼上的斜屋顶为建筑创造了独特的空间,the sloping roof on the eighth floor creates a unique space for the building


The 12.40 m width of the open hall allows for the inclusion of both modular offices and offices open to one side and the other of a central circulation. Each floor can be flexibly organized. The fixed cores are positioned at the intersection of the elements, thereby absorbing the geometrical irregularities at the crossings of the different alignments. At these points are placed the cores of vertical circulation, the toilets and a meeting room. Circulations will be continuous and focused on the work areas. The layout of offices and open work areas will be arranged flexibly depending on the needs of each service or of each momentin the life of the building.

▼一系列模块化的办公室,modular offices

▼办公室另一侧则面向室外,the other side of the office is connected to the outdoor space

▼建筑内通道空间,the corridor in the building

▼建筑夜间效果,the building at night

▼建筑入口夜间效果,building entrance night effect

▼夜幕中的庭院,courtyard in the night

▼设计草图,design concept

▼场地图,the site plan

▼首层平面图,the 1st floor plan

▼立面图,the elevation

▼剖面图,the section

Client: Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Andalusian Government
Address: C/ Pablo Picasso, 1. Seville, Spain.
Typology: Offices
Status: Built

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