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In the modern world today, we often talk about the diversification of work style. Many people do not have fixed seats anymore and work from home, cafe or anywhere they like in the ways they like. Work style as such could bring great imagination for individuals and link to creative ideas or productive business plans. However, as for communication in the production process, it is also important that imaginations are born through the sessions in a physical place.

▼办公空间概览,office overview


In this project, we are rethinking about modern working scenes by returning once again to the origin – “working in the same space”. Rather than creating a cafe-like space where people spend a lot time in one place, we wanted to come up with a more proactive place where more activities and communication are generated, so that this place and people themselves will naturally become more educated.

▼整个办公空间以素雅的颜色为基调,营造出一种沉稳又精致的环境氛围,the whole office space takes the simple but elegant color as the fundamental key, creates a kind of composed and exquisite environment atmosphere

▼从会议室可以看到室内花园区域,the conference room offers views of the interior garden area


We are not trying to impress our designs but to bring out the imagination of the users. Especially when it is not clear what the client wants, we make sure to start from understanding their agendas and then get to ‘what will happen if necessary functions are aligned in the most efficient way’. By managing everything rationally and logically, and not making things too difficult, only the real necessary things will be exposed. Moreover, with the margin obtained by doing so, we let it be as it is without a specific function. The space of this margin came to be called the “courtyard” by the client themselves. They also started discussing soon after on how this space should be utilized or how they want to make the best use of this space from then onwards. We integrate that kind of motivation through all our design process.

▼室内花园是整个办公空间的“灵魂”所在,the interior garden is the “soul” of the entire office space


Every detail is established by one simple rule. That rule is the grid of the existing system ceiling. By following the existing grid completely, a space that is very reasonable, efficient and cost-effective will be established. In the courtyard, all the pitches are controlled by the stainless steel corrugated sheet, so the joints such as the closing of doors and the aisles are extremely simple and tense. This wall is made of an exterior material of building, and by utilizing this material we were able to give the feeling of outside garden inside. The delicate and smooth surface reflects everything that exist in the room and creates a refined space in the center of the office.

▼门与过道的开合间距都与不锈钢波纹板相适应,the opening and closing space of the door and passage are suitable for the stainless steel corrugated plate


This space could be a very meaningful space depending on how the users utilize it. Creating such an initiative, is the “power of design” that we aim for. It can be said that this initiative is born precisely because we are being particular about “working in the same space”. We believe that architecture can be pushed forward by its users and the users themselves also can learn from the architecture as well. We hope that this mutual interaction of such ‘users’ and ‘margin’ will lead to a work style of the new age.

▼不锈钢波纹板细部,details of the stainless steel corrugated sheet


LOCATION:Tokyo, Japan
ARCHITECTS :Shogo Onodera(Office Shogo Onodera) + Tsukasa Okada(2id Architects)
CONTRACTOR:Sumitomo Realty & Development Co., Ltd.
DESIGN PERIOD:Nov 2017 – Feb 2018
MAIN MATERIALS:Floor – Vinyl OA floor tile system, Carpet tiles, Linoleum floor seat, Wall – Stainless steel corrugated sheet, Plasterboard with wallpaper, Ceiling – System ceiling, Exposed ceiling Furniture – Oak wood, Stainless steel hairline
PHOTO CREDIT © Gottingham

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