OFFICE真相专辑 NO.8 — Alberto Campo Baeza

世界上有趣,创新的事务所及工作室在一个怎样的环境中以怎样的模式进行工作? gooood为您奉上专辑。这是第八辑Alberto Campo Baeza。


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gooood为您奉上<OFFICE真相>专辑。这是第八辑,西班牙的Alberto Campo Baeza。

Alberto Campo Baeza予gooood分享以下内容。
Appreciation towards Alberto Campo Baeza for providing the following description:
陈颢的精彩摄影,Photo © Haochen & Alberto Campo Baeza

Alberto Campo Baeza的工作室位于西班牙首都马德里市中心,马德里是欧洲的历史
名城,公共交通系统发达,路网密布,街道十分适合步行。Alberto Campo Baeza的
Alberto Campo Baeza的作品与自然,天空,空气,风景产生动人的对话,其作品不
Alberto Campo Baeza,1946年出身于西班牙的巴利亚多利德。1971年毕业于马德里
Politecnica de,1982年获得博士学位。他目前是马德里建筑学院教授,曾任职于
Alberto Campo Baeza的代表作品,也是其成名作是2001年落成的西班牙格拉纳达银
2008年的Olnick Spanu 住宅;2009年的安达卢西亚历史博物馆;2012年的Castilla
León Junta办公室。
Alberto Campo Baeza was born in Valladolid, Spain in 1946. He graduated from the
Universidad Politecnica de Madrid in 1971 and received his PhD in 1982 and became
Chairman and Professor of this institution in 1986. Campo Baeza taught at the E.T.H.
in Zurich in 1989 and 1990; The Architecture Winter School in Dublin in 1992; Domus
International Courses in Naples in 1993; and Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA and The
Royal Academy in Copenhagen in 1996. In addition Alberto Campo Baeza has taught
at the EPFL Ecole d’Architecture of Lausanne in 1997; the University of Pennsylvania
in 1986 and 1999; the Bauhaus Universitate in Weimar in 2002; the IIT in Chicago in
2003 and at Kansas State University in 2005. He has been a visiting scholar at
Columbia University, New York in 2003. He lectured at Harvard University, University of
Miami and Columbia University, NY in 2002; the IIT in Chicago in 2003; the Basilica
Palladiana in Vicenza, in 2004; the CA Group in Beijing, Porto and Mendrisio in 2007;
Katowice, Poland and Panama City in 2008; Monterrey Mexico, the Washington
National Museum, and Tokyo University in 2009; Bergen and Weimar in 2010; Paris-
Belleville and Aachen in 2011; in IUAV Venice and in the CUA-Washington IN 2012.
Alberto Campo Baeza has built a selected number of very precise buildings: Fene
Town Hall in Spain in 1980; San Fermín Public School in Madrid in 1985; Drago Public
School in Cádiz in 1992; the Center BIT in Mallorca in 1998; the Cathedral’s Square
and Ancillary facilities in Almería in 2001 and SM Publishing Company Headquarters in
Madrid in 2003. In addition, he was the architect of the houses of Turégano, García
Marcos, and De Blas, all of them in Madrid, Spain, and the Gaspar, Asencio and
Guerrero houses in Cádiz. Alberto Campo Baeza has also designed the tallest tower to
be built in Spain for Telefónica, the largest Communication Company in Spain. His
most representative building is the Headquarters of a Bank: The Caja de Granada, in
Granada, Spain, completed in 2001. Very representative of his work is the nursery for
Benetton Headquarters based in Ponzano-Treviso which he designed and built in
2008. Recent works include the Olnick Spanu House in Garrison, New York in 2008,
the MA, the Museum for the Memory of Andalucía in Granada, Spain, open to the public
in 2009, and the recently finished, in May 2012, Offices for the Junta Castilla y León in
Zamora, Spain.
The work of Alberto Campo Baeza has won many awards. He won first prize for the
Spanish Pavilion at the Biennial of Venice in 2000; first prize at the Biennial of Miami in
2000; the COAM Award for the Blas House in 2002; the COAB Award and the COAAO
Award for the Centre BIT in Mallorca in 2003; The Award of Architecture in Stone for
the Almería Offices in Verona in 2003; and the prestigious Eduardo Torroja Award for
the Headquarters of the Caja de Granada in 2005. Recently, Alberto Campo Baeza
was the recipient of 2 awards at the Biennial of Buenos Aires, one for the MA Museum
in Granada and the other for the Nursery for the children of the Benetton Group in
Ponzano-Treviso, Italy in 2009. In 2010 his work Between Cathedrals has been finalist
in the FAD Awards. His MA Museum, in 2011, and the Offices for the Junta CAstilla y
León, in 2012, has been nominated to the Mies van der Rohe Award.
A book of his collected writings “La idea Construida” is in its 7th edition and a
monograph of his work “Campo Baeza 1971-1996”, was published in Spain by Ed.
Munilla Lería, Madrid in 1996. “Campo Baeza” was published by Rockport Publishers
Massachusetts and Graphic-Sha Publishers, Tokyo in 1997. The English edition of the
monograph “Alberto Campo Baeza” was published by Gustavo Gili Publisher,
Barcelona 1999 and translated in Italian by Edizioni Electa, Milano in 2004. A DVD
with 3,333 drawings and sketches was edited by Fundación COAM for the Exhibition
on the work of Alberto Campo Baeza in 2006. A newer version of the same DVD
including the recent drawings by Alberto Campo Baeza was also published by
Fundación COAM in 2008. In 2009, Campo Baeza 2, Munilla Lería Publisher, was
published in Madrid. Alberto Campo Baeza, Idea, Light and Gravity was published in
Japanese and English by TOTO Publishers in Tokyo. In 2009 was published “Pensar
con Las Manos”, and just now in 2012 the new collection of his writings “Principia
Alberto Campo Baeza’s work has been exhibited in many major cities and he has been
published in major architectural magazines around the world. In 2003, an exhibition of
his work took place at the Crown Hall at the IIT in Chicago. The same exhibition was
shown later in the fall of 2003 at the Urban Center in New York City. A selection of his
work was exhibited at the Basilica del Palladio in Vicenza, Italy in 2004. The same
exhibition was shown in Istanbul, at the Hadja Irene in 2005. The MA Memory of
Andalucía Museum in Granada, then just under construction, was exhibited at MoMA in
New York in 2006. The Exhibition “Alberto Campo Baeza: The Complete Collection of
Drawings” was shown at the COAM Foundation in Madrid in 2006. The Exhibition “On
Site” was at the Royal Botanic Garden, in Madrid in 2007. A great retrospective of
Alberto Campo Baeza work was recently shown, June-October 2009, in Tokyo at the
prestigious MA Gallery. And in 2010 in the National Glyptoteque in Athens, in the
Tempietto de San Pietro in Montorio in Rome, and in the Salón de Reinos in Madrid.
His last exhibitions in 2011 were organized in the Central House of Artists in Moscow
and in the MAXXI in Rome. And he has been also in charge of a little pavilion in the
2012 Venice Bienal.
1986  Honor Award
City Hall of Madrid
MADRID. San Fermín Public School
            Honor Award
Official College of Architects
MADRID. San Fermín Public School
1987  Honor Award of the Jury
“10 Arquitectos Españoles” Exhibition
BUENOS AIRES. Biennial of Buenos Aires
            Gold Medal International Critic
“10 Arquitectos Españoles” Exhibition
BUENOS AIRES. Biennial of Buenos Aires
1989  Special Award. San Fermín Public School. MADRID
            Special Award. Turégano House in Pozuelo.
            MADRID World Biennial of  Architecture
SOFIA Bulgaria
            Honor Award
City Hall of Madrid
Jesús del Pozo Boutique. MADRID
Public Library in ORIHUELA. ALICANTE
Eric Lyons Award 1993
1994  Special Award. Public School. CÁDIZ
             Special Award. Gaspar House. CÁDIZ
             World Triennial of Architecture.
SOFIA. Bulgaria
1996  Special Prize
Union of Architects of the Republic of Kazakhstan
1999  FAD Prizes. Selected
             V Bienal of Spanish Architecture 1997-1998.
2000 First  Prize
Spanish Pavilion
Biennale di Venezia
2001 Gold Medal
            Biennial of Miami
            De Blas House
2002 COA Prize Madrid De
            Blas House
            VETECO Prize
Caja Granada Savings Bank
            COA Baleares Prize
            BIT Center
            GARCÍA DE PAREDES Prize
            Official College of Architects
            Caja Granada Savings Bank
De Blas House
            Medalla a las Bellas Artes
Real Academia de Bellas Artes de Granada
Fernando Wilhelmi Prize
Caja Granada Savings Bank
2004 TORROJA Prize
Caja Granada Savings Bank
             ARCO COA Almería Prize
             Consejería de Salud
2005 International Award Architecture in Stone
            COAM Prize
Sede de la Editorial SM
            MADRID2008 MACAEL Prize. XXIV Edition
The MA. Andalucia’s Museum of Memory. Granada
2009 International Critic Prize.
            Biennial of Buenos Aires
Daycare Center for Benetton. BUENOS AIRES
            Silver Medal. Biennial of Buenos Aires
The MA. Andalucia’s Museum of Memory.
            BUENOS AIRES
2010 Arnold W. Brunner Memorial Prize. Candidate
American Academy of Arts and Letters
            Finalista Premios Saloni de Arquitectura
            The MA. Andalucia’s Museum of Memory.
            Premios FAD – Finalist
            Between Cathedrals
            Premios FAD – Premio Opinión
            Between Cathedrals
2011 Mies van der Rohe Award. Nominated
           Museo de la Memoria de Andalucía
           UNIÓN EUROPEA
           Building of the year. Finalista
Museo de la Memoria de Andalucía
           Premio Observatorio D’Achtall. Architecture
Casa Sefarad-Israel
           VII Premios La Voz al Arte
Diario La Voz
           Medalla de Honor de la ETSAM
           MADRID2012 AITAwards 2012. Nominated
Rufo house
Offices  in Zamora
           Sánchez Esteve Award 2008-2011. Special Mention
Between Cathedrals
           Colegiado de Honor
Official College of Architects
2013 Arnold W. Brunner Memorial Prize. Candidate
American Academy of Arts and Letters
Books & Publications

2001  Caja Granada  西班牙格拉纳达银行总部
2007 Benetton Nursery 贝纳通幼儿园
2007  Olnick Spanu house
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Olnick Spanu house please click
2008 Moliner house  Moliner住宅
2009 Between Cathedrals
To link to
Between Cathedrals please click



2009 MA Museum
To link to
The MA: Andalucia’s Museum of Memory please click
2010 Rufo house  Rufo住宅
2012 Offices Zamora
To link to
Offices for Junta de Castilla y León in Zamora please click
Castilla León Junta的办公室页面




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