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这是一个虚拟岛屿的数字互动声音地图。它讲述了一个在这个岛上出生和长大的女人的故事。她的一生都是通过语音叙述、现场录音和图画插图来度过的。在这个岛上,声波图提供了12个声音片段,每个片段来自一个特定的地点。这些都与故事中的片段相关联,这些片段是由故事中的女人自己讲述的。你被邀请去听她的故事和她岛屿的声音,并选择体验的顺序。这张想象中的声音地图可以通过你的访问和你花在上面的时间来实现。欢迎下载 OAZE 体验。

This is a digital interactive sound map of an imaginary island. It tells the story of a woman who was born and raised, and has lived her entire life on this island through voice narration, field recordings and graphic illustrations. Within this island, the sound map offers twelve sonic fragments, each derived from a specific geographical point. These are linked with narrative fragments which are told by the woman from the story herself. You are invited to listen to her story and the sounds of her island, and to choose in which order to experience it within the sound map. This imagined sound map can become real through your visit and your time spent on it.

▼虚拟岛,the imaginary island

▼几个不同地点的场景,每个场景都能听到不同的语音故事;scenes at different locations, each has a story from the woman

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