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地面为粉色,搭配肤色皮革家具,白光led灯协调环境色温,角落放上一株绿植,背景音乐舒缓,候上香槟。该空间的设计师Alberto Biagetti 也是一名工业设计师,这个空间中主要的家具与工业产品都出自她手。

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A project by Alberto Biagetti and Laura Baldassari Curated by Maria Cristina Didero
– Milano Design Week 2016
PH: Delfino Sisto Legnani and Marco Cappelletti. Courtesy of Atelier Biagetti

“Some have never been physically attracted to anyone.
Others soon give it up.
Some love each other but do not make love.
In an age where libido is a business and is sold everywhere, the absence of it considered a medical condition… for an invisible minority having sex is about as exciting as staring at a white ceiling.”
(Jean-Philippe de Tonnac)

This year Alberto Biagetti and Laura Baldassari take their dissection of contemporary obsessions one step further – if last year’s BODY BUILDING project was Volume I, then NO SEX is Volume II of their chronicles. This time the creative duo, partners in work and life, addresses and penetrates the subject of the body, going even deeper into the human psyche. The two designers are storytellers, modern-day bards, but the language they use cannot be written or sung, it is the language of 3d objects. With this, they interpret and express the reality they perceive and, in this case, strip down and expose our relationship with that traditionally taboo subject of sex.

As the saying goes “sex sells”, so sex is everywhere. It is thrust upon us, before our eyes, in our ears and on our minds. It is on our streets with ad campaigns and billboards and is available on demand on the T.V. or internet – anyone from a teenage schoolgirl to a President of the Republic can saturate their senses at the touch of a 4 inch screen. Sex in itself has rules – to be obeyed or broken. It is an act and the propaganda that revolves around it, to encourage it, warn against it, tell you how to do it…Have you done it? Do you do it? Did you do it? Don’t you do it…? For some, or even for many, sex is an issue.

In this age where virtual sex is taking over from physical sex and the body is an object of ever more manipulation and excess, Biagetti and Baldassari have created NO SEX, a pink-clinic designed to re- establish the individual’s inner equilibrium regarding sex, in a transcendental and futuristic paradise of liberty and of clean, fresh unprejudiced equality.

In this NO SEX pink-retreat (pink refers not only to the colour but also to a cosy yet entangling state of mind), the ultimate wellness clinic you pass through the entrance to find yourself in a place designed to detox or retox (whatever your case may be) from the overdose or abstinence of sex in contemporary life. In this place space-age forms and sensual tones of champagne-pink and natural skin are entwined with materials that invite the physical touch to create a cast of almost anthropomorphic beings. In this cybernetic undisclosed set, you will find a daybed, of doctor, beautician or masseuse, a post-ergonomic piece in pale leather and fine natural rubber for laying back and relaxing – designed for one, wide enough for two. Two bird-like pieces wait on the daybed, and whoever is being treated there. A standing lamp with a circular head of led lights with beak-like details is mounted on a jointed aluminium arm. The lamp is accompanied by its non identical twin, similar in size and shape but with a subtle yet essential difference. Behind a screen the stool and low backed chair scurry around on ten wheels apiece, pausing only for their leather accordion seats to sigh with every backside that rests on them. The seating elements are overlooked by a statuesque full-length mirror (complete with very personal touch) and the whole scene is illuminated by a chandelier made of led lights and latex.

All NO SEX pieces are unique, some are one of a kind, some are numbered limited editions, and some are available in open edition, making the protagonists in this NO SEX project representative of the whole spectrum of contemporary Italian production. Each item is researched, designed and executed with the utmost attention to detail, a characteristic of the work of Biagetti and Baldassari and of the Italian master craftsmen with whom they always choose to work.

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