Next Gen Park by KOGAA Studio

A visual reminder to citizens on CO2 consumption

Project Specs


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基于对气候变化及相关的城市问题的研究,KOGAA Studio的建筑师在布尔诺市的一处公共空间设立了一个具有教育意义且能够唤醒人们环境意识的互动装置。这个充气体的容量与1吨二氧化碳气体的体积相等,从视觉上引起了市民们对二氧化碳排放问题的重视。

Depicting the equivalent in size of 1 ton of CO2, the inflatable balloon is a friendly visual reminder to citizens, on the consumption of our Cities. Informed by research on urban problematics related to climate change, the architects from KOGAA Studio actively challenge the functions of public spaces, transforming them into educational, interactive, and conscious catalysts.



Similarly to the architect’ s previous urban project ‘City Cell Prototype’, a fully self-sufficient public installation tackling the problem of water shortages and heat waves, their latest Next Gen Park is addressing the issue of CO2 production in our cities, by visually representing the amount of 1 ton in the size of the air balloon.

▼充气体使市民从视觉上直观地感受1吨二氧化碳气体的体积,visually representing the amount of 1 ton in the size of the air balloon


▼场地位于布尔诺市中心一条疏于管理的后巷,a neglected back alley in the city center of Brno

Strategically installed on a neglected back alley in the city center of Brno, Next Gen Park occupies and mutates its new urban space, generating a hybrid environment that attracts people to it. The new intervention generates a sense of care and belonging to the space, leading to daily cleaning and improved security on the location.

▼引人注意的多功能空间,a hybrid environment that attracts people


In average, the yearly emission of CO2 per person per year in the Czech Republic is 9,8 tons. The iconic landmark raises the environmental awareness in the public realm and becomes, throughout the day, a center for the discussions on various topics such as the use of public spaces, the implementation of nature in the city, the revitalization of brownfields, waste as a resource, and energy and water management. At night, the inflatable turns into a canvas projecting interactive animations leading the visitors through the indexes of CO2 production and the measures to be taken in order to lower their footprint, giving citizens the opportunity to reflect on their current way of living.

▼装置内部,interior of the installation

▼该装置成为了人们讨论各种城市话题的场所,a center for the discussions on various topics

装置选用了可重复使用的材料,这些材料均具备简单、经济、坚固且易搭建的特点。脚手架结构由设计团队与合作伙伴Peri公司合作设计。充气体则由合作方Reklama Kubiček公司和和当地工匠手工制作。充气体表面的孔径使其可以作为360度的投影屏幕使用,从而服务于各类户外活动。合作方表示,“这是我们第一次将充气体用作360度的全景投影屏幕。充气体尺寸以及其与钢结构的连接问题则由我们与建筑设计团队合作解决。”

The design combines either rented or reusable materials that are simple, economical, robust and quick to build with. The primary structure is a simple scaffolding system designed together with the partner company Peri. The inflatable part is custom designed and hand-made by local craftsmen by partner company Reklama Kubíček, and was designed with holes for projectors, making it a perfect 360 degrees screen for outdoor events and fully washable and re-usable. ‘For us, it was the first time to see our inflatable used as a canvas for projections, where information can be delivered at 360 degrees. Also, it’s size, and having it anchored on top of another structure, were challenges we solved in close collaboration with the architects.’

▼360度的全景投影屏幕,a canvas for projections where information can be delivered at 360 degrees

▼街景,surrounding environment

尽管该项目是一个暂时性的装置,但设计团队希望它能成为未来国内活动的先行基地,并且正在积极地寻找新的安装地点。装置的成功安装得到了布尔诺市政府的支持。其余的合作伙伴包括:the Next Institute(负责调研部分)、Reklama Kubiček公司(负责充气气球的制作)、捷克室外家具制造商mm cite(提供户外家具)、Peri公司(提供支架结构)以及Agro Turany公司(提供绿色植物)。

The outdoor furniture is the STACK collection, supplied by the design-focus Czech manufacturer of street furniture mm cité. Although the pop-up pavilion is only temporary, the architects hope it can serve as a pilot for future events around the Country, and they are actively looking for new locations for the installation. The whole installation has been developed by the collaboration of the city of Brno, the Next Institute for the content and research, Reklama Kubíček for the pneumatic, mm cité for the furniture, Peri for the scaffolding and Agro Turany for the greenery.


▼平面图,site plan


Studio: KOGAA Studio
Contact e-mail:
Project location: Brno, Czech Republic
Project year: 2019
Completion year: 2019
Project size: 168 m2
Site size: 498 m2
Client: City of Brno,
Photo credits: BoysPlayNice,
Next Institute / research
mm cité / furniture
Reklama Kubíček / inflatable
PERI / scaffolding
Materials: scaffolding structure, inflatable PVC, wood
Products / Brands:
STACK furniture / mm cité
Inflatable system / Reklama Kubicek
Steel scaffolding construction / PERI
Trees / Agroturany

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