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Warmth of the brick walls, immerse the space with sunlight.

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项目的业主是活跃于国际的Alfred Kärcher GmbH&Co. KG家族,他们以自己产品的独特黄色外包装而闻名。公司总部位于德国斯图加特附近的温嫩登,近年来经历了强劲的增长。公司的的原址没有更多的空间来满足他们不断增长的需求,于是收购了一个13万平方米的旧砖厂供将来扩建之需。新址位于旧总部的附近,两者被铁路线分开。2012年底,业主主办了一次国际竞赛,Reichel Schlaier Architekten事务所的设计最终中标。

The client, family owned and internationally active Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG, renowned for the distinctive yellow of their cleaning equipment, is headquartered in Winnenden near Stuttgart and has experienced strong growth in recent years. With no more space available on the company‘s historic grounds for their increased requirements, the company acquired a 130,000 sqm former brickworks site for future expansion. The new site is located in the immediate vicinity of the old headquarters, the two being separated by a rail line. At the end of 2012, the client called for submissions in an international competition, from which the design of Reichel Schlaier Architekten emerged as the winner.

▼ 由旧砖厂改建而来的新办公区域,office expansion renovated a former brickworks site

002-New Visiter and Customer Center

001-New Visiter and Customer Center

▼ 新的办公区域与原始的总部通过一道人行桥连接,the new buildings were connected via a pedestrian bridge to the existing company premises on the other side of the tracks

385-52-Site Plan-3000


In the first phase office spaces for 700 employees, an auditorium for 800 people and an exhibition space with presentation rooms and a café were planned. The new buildings were connected via a pedestrian bridge to the existing company premises on the other side of the tracks. As a reminder and as a distinctive symbol of the site‘s past, the historic chimney was retained and integrated into the facility.

▼ 被保留的烟囱,the historic chimney was retained in the site

004-New Visiter and Customer Center


The environment around the new complex is very heterogeneous with single-family houses and apartment buildings, industrial buildings and shopping centers, large parking areas, railway yards and tracks. The aligning feature of these existing developments is that which is also prevalent in the whole city area – a low building height of two to four floors. Reichel Schlaier Architekten therefore suggested in the competition that the required space as dictated by the brief not be accommodated in a single large, tall building, but rather distributed over three buildings with different uses – administration, event and presentation. The use of each building should be clearly identifiable by their differing typologies.

▼ 被分别建造的三个建筑物的功能可以被外表区分,the use of each building should be clearly identifiable by their differing typologies

003-New Visiter and Customer Center

建筑之间的空间打造了一个美丽的广场,一个与同事和客户交流的地方。此外,在访客和客户中心举办的展览会可以根据需要延伸到广场上。这个空间连接访客和客户中心,礼堂和办公楼,是新建筑中独特的中心。铁路线上的新行人大桥将现有的Kärcher办公区域直接连接到新的广场和办公楼。建筑通过一个3米高的L形玻璃空间进入,沿着广场延伸开来。 在广场的北边有一个两层的咖啡馆,员工可以在那里与同事或客户会面。 在西边,有进入展示和展览区的门厅。

The space between the buildings creates a beautiful square, a place to meet and to exchange with colleagues and customers. Additionally, trade fairs that take place in the visitor and customer center can be extended out into the square as required. This forum connects the visitor and customer center, auditorium and office buildings and is the distinctive center of the new complex. The new pedestrian bridge over the railway lines connects the existing Kärcher premises directly with the new square and office building. The building is entered through a 3 m high L-shaped glazed space, which extends along the square. On the north side of the square there is a two-story café in which employees can meet with co-workers or customers. On the west side one enters the foyer of the presentation and exhibition areas.

▼ 入口处的玻璃门厅,the building is entered through a glazed space

005-New Visiter and Customer Center

▼ 空间内部,the interior

    007-New Visiter and Customer Center

访客和客户中心里容纳了展览和研讨空间,商店和咖啡馆,公司的产品可以在这个区域中展示给客户。广场的北部和西部,建筑物的大型外墙用了裸露的砖砌框架立面。 砖墙一方面参考了历史上这个区域古老的砖砌手法,另一方面与完全釉面的办公楼和礼堂形成鲜明对比。内部的展览区域的光源主要来自于顶部,使得在外部的大型连续的砖砌表面构筑出广场空间,并且当太阳照亮时外立面时让整个场地浸入温暖的光。

The visitor and customer center accommodates exhibition spaces and seminar rooms in which the company’s product range can be presented to customers, as well as a shop and a café. The angular building with large facades of exposed brickwork frames the square to the north and west. The brick walls on the one hand reference the historic brickworks that once stood at this site, and on the other hand create a clear contrast to the fully glazed office building and auditorium. The presentation and exhibition areas inside are primarily lit from above and allow for large and continuous brick surfaces on the outside, framing the square, and immersing it in warm light when the sun is shining.

▼ 建筑物内部的顶部打光,the areas inside are lit from above

008-New Visiter and Customer Center

▼ 砖砌表面的柔和光晕,the brick walls have a light that generate a warm feeling

009-New Visiter and Customer Center

▼ 区位图,site complex

385-52-Figure Ground Plan-9000


▼ 一层平面图,ground floor plan

385-52-Ground Floor Plan-625

▼ 二层平面,first floor plan

385-52-First Floor Plan-625

▼ 立面图,elevation

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▼ 剖面图,section

385-52-Section 52-51-625

Photographer: Brigida González

Drawings: Reichel Schlaier Architekten
English text: Reichel Schlaier Architekten
Chinese text: gooood

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