New furniture collection “kite” “frame” “blend” for Stellar Works by nendo

With the most simple texture to meet the needs of diversification

Project Specs


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collection kite


There are numerous armchairs and sofas for lobbies and lounges, but those for narrow spaces such as corridors, elevator lobbies, and entrances are difficult to find. Therefore, a compact chair was devised to fit in those niches, for passersby to rest in for a spell or in which to have casual conversation.

▼专为小型公共空间设计的“kite”系列座椅,kite collection designed for small public spaces ©Akihiro Yoshida


Attempts to make an armchair small normally leads one to think of gradual elimination of the backrest to create a bench-like furniture piece. But casting the backrest as the star to which the seat is adjoined yields a design less about sitting and more about leaning against a grand backrest. Such a design takes up minimal space while offering to the chair’s occupant a bit of calm and security.

▼设计在尽可能少占用空间的同时,也为使用者带去了舒适感和安全感,such a design takes up minimal space while offering to the chair’s occupant a bit of calm and security ©Akihiro Yoshida


The backrest and seat are independent parts, with shallow and deep seats and lower and taller backs available for use in combination according to the size of the space and degree of privacy desired.

▼设计图,sketch © nendo

▼设计细节,details ©Akihiro Yoshida



collection frame


An L-shaped steel frame that can be hung on a wall. Suitable as a towel bar, holding a mirror at two points, and as a shelf if the gap is filled, its simple structure belies the consequent ability to perform multiple roles. Smaller, circular mirrors as well as elliptical mirrors are available, and they can be used in any combination with shelves or towel bars. There are also floor mirrors, to be used not only as full-length mirrors but also as garment racks.

▼设计图,sketch © nendo

▼带圆镜的毛巾架,towel rack with round mirror ©Akihiro Yoshida

▼多功能置物架,multifunctional shelving ©Akihiro Yoshida

▼全身镜,the whole body mirror ©Akihiro Yoshida

▼带衣架的全身镜,full-length mirror with hanger ©Akihiro Yoshida


collection blend


A three-legged bar stool with three crossbars was the base design, but as two of the crossbars melt away in the middle, the bars, initially tasked with horizontally connecting the legs, instead turn perpendicular to support the seat and a leg. A lone crossbar remains, acting as a footrest. This slight structural change utterly transforms the direction of force and how it is applied, becoming the stool’s major feature. 5 variations are available, including short stools, those with a leg seemingly extended up into a backrest, and those with upholstered seats.

▼设计图,sketch © nendo

▼“blend”系列吧台凳,blend bar stools ©Akihiro Yoshida

▼根据横杆的变形程度而衍生出的不同造型,the different shapes derived from the deformation of the bar ©Akihiro Yoshida

▼带软垫和靠背的凳子,stools with cushions and backs ©Akihiro Yoshida

▼设计细节,details ©Akihiro Yoshida

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