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Creating an all-inclusive promenade on the bank of a river with a complex relief is an example of how you can turn the apparent disadvantages of a place into its advantages.

▼项目局部鸟瞰,partial bird-view © Basis.


Objective: To create a public space on the swampy riverbank for residents of all ages.Solution: The narrow path on the steep bank of the Bykovka river turned into an all-inclusive promenade with balconies on stilts and various functional zones.

▼轴测图,功能设置,axonometric drawing with function division © Basis.


▼广场活动区,square and activity area © Basis.

▼阳光洒向广场,sunlight on square © Basis.

The new embankment is divided into 2 main zones: ‘quiet’ and ‘active’. The ‘active’ area includes a dog walking area, projecting balconies suitable for fishing, a playground for different ages and a central area for events. The ‘quiet’ zone is a long promenade on winding bridges among trees with scenic balconies on stilts and secluded places for rest.

▼通向垂钓区的走廊,corridor leading to fishing area © Basis.

▼向外突出的平台,适合垂钓,projecting balconies suitable for fishing © Basis.


▼架起的栈道鸟瞰,bird-view of walkways on stilts © Basis.

A feature of the project was the installation of balconies and walkways on stilts where the relief was complex. Thanks to this we managed to significantly increase the usable area of the embankment and plan recreation areas with the best view of the river. With the help of winding wooden paths we increased the length of the walking route and made it convenient for bicycles and prams. The main hiking route goes off from the scenic balconies, so nothing prevents visitors from enjoying the privacy of nature.

▼步线路起始于视野绝佳的观景台,hiking route goes off from the scenic balconies © Basis.

▼蜿蜒的木质小路为自行车骑行及婴儿车的使用提供了便利条件, winding wooden paths made it convenient for bicycles and prams © Basis.

项目中采用了极简现代风的城市家具,由钢条和松木制成,突出了木材原生态的自然色。家具朴素的配色和纯粹的造型使其能 与自然环境巧妙的融合。平台的围栏被设计成“不规则”的形制,长短不一,更好地突出了自然感氛围。

▼不规则的围栏,fencing have a slight ‘irregularity’  © Basis.

Minimalist modern street furniture made of steel and treated pine is used in the project and emphasizes the natural colour of the wood. Thanks to its modest colour scheme and basic design, it blends in delicately with the natural environment. This naturalness is especially distinct in the fencing around the decks which have a slight ‘irregularity’ of the rods.

▼极简现代风的城市家具,minimalist modern street furniture  © Basis.

▼钢条和松木制成的座椅,突出了木材原生态的自然色, bench made of steel and treated pine emphasizes the natural colour of the wood  © Basis.

▼平面图,plan © Basis.

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