Never Go Alone self-care & sanitisation products by LAYER

Empower users to visibly take ownership over their health and safety

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来自LAYER的设计师Benjamin Hubert近日为健康领域的初创公司Never Go Alone设计了一系列护理和消毒产品。最先面世的系列产品包括可重复使用的口罩、可补充的消毒洗手液和消毒湿巾盒——目的是让使用者能够主动掌握自己的健康和安全。

Benjamin Hubert of experience design agency LAYER has devised a strategic range of self-care & sanitisation products wellness start-up Never Go Alone. The branding and inaugural collection – which includes a reusable face mask, refillable hand sanitiser, and refillable sanitising wipes case – is designed to empower users to visibly take ownership over their health and safety, while the packaging design is driven by observed human behaviours and environmental concerns.

▼Never Go Alone卫生护理系列
Never Go Alone self-care & sanitisation products © LAYER

▼口罩,mask © LAYER


可持续的包装设计 | A sustainable packaging statement 

Never Go Alone护理系列的包装以可持续发展为重心,同时兼顾了使用上的便捷度,有助于培养良好的日常卫生习惯。消毒洗手液的瓶子和湿巾盒都可以重复使用,独特的挂绳设计使其可以方便地挂在钥匙扣或背包上。


The Never Go Alone packaging has been designed with a focus on sustainability and features innovative on-the-go usability features informed by observation of human behaviours to elevate the hygiene experience and inspire new daily rituals. The sanitiser and hand wipe containers are refillable, reducing waste and encouraging users to build an ongoing relationship with the brand. To ensure the products are always within reach, the sculptural containers have been designed to be proudly displayed in the home or on your person rather than hidden away, and both the 75ml hand sanitiser bottle and hand wipes container feature a lanyard that can be easily attached to keys or a bag.

The packaging for the inaugural collection employs a rich palette of oranges and earthy neutrals to create a strong visual identity that differentiates the range from an often medical-driven marketplace. Softly rounded, ergonomic forms crafted from soft-touch materials – including injection-moulded recycled plastic and textile – enhance the experience of handling the products.

▼消毒洗手液,hand sanitiser © LAYER

▼家庭用湿巾盒,Sanitising home wipes © LAYER

▼便携式湿巾盒,hand wipe container (on-the-go design) © LAYER


口罩设计 | Behind the mask 

Never Go Alone口罩是该系列的重要产品之一。这款分层式口罩从运动休闲的设计语言中汲取灵感,无缝粘合的结构和可调节的功能大大提升了佩戴的舒适性。口罩的挂绳部分可以自行更换,让用户可以根据自己的喜好定制颜色和外观。

The Never Go Alone face mask is one of the key products in the collection. The innovative layered mask takes inspiration from the design language of athleisure to encourage use on the move, with a seamlessly bonded construction and adjustable features that offer exceptional comfort. The mask also features interchangeable ear loops so the user can customise colour and finish to their style and preference.

▼Never Go Alone口罩,The Never Go Alone face mask © LAYER



The outermost layer is a highly breathable and lightweight knitted fabric that conceals the filter. This is bonded to an ultrasuede mid-layer that mirrors the curves of the face and gives the mask a sculptural structure while providing soft touchpoints for the skin. The innermost layer is an advanced technical Superfine knit that incorporates antibacterial fibres for increased protection.

The replaceable bespoke PM2.5 filter comfortably fits the contours of the face and simply slips into an internal pocket. It offers a high degree of filtration from particulates and aerosols, and can reduce total airborne particulates by as much as 90%. The mask is available in three sizes and features a moldable nose bridge and adjustable elastic straps that can be fastened either around the ears or behind the head to ensure a snug fit. When not in use, the mask folds completely flat and can be stored in a convenient travel pouch to minimise risk of cross- contamination.

▼口罩带有可调节绑带,mask with adjustable elastic straps © LAYER

▼口罩面料,mask layers © LAYER


标识设计 | Making a mark 

LAYER还为Never Go Alone设计了标识:“n型的标志有着类似于建筑的形式,使人联想到姿态柔和的拱形门洞。

LAYER created the Never Go Alone brandmark to express the values of the brand using a simple and intuitive visual language. The n-shaped mark has a structured architectural form that evokes a welcoming arched doorway.

▼包装细节,detailed view

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