NEUTRA collection of cutouts, Italy by Francesca Perani

Breaking gender boundaries in architecture visualisation narratives

Project Specs


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NEUTRA是一套由建筑师及插画师Francesca Perani设计的55个无性别剪影人素材,其初衷是为满足设计者创作更具包容性的效果图。

NEUTRA is a new gallery of 55 gender-fluid cutouts addressing the need for a more inclusive entourages in digital renderings designed by architect/ illustrator Francesca Perani.

▼NEUTRA剪影人,NEUTRA cutouts © Francesca Perani

▼NEUTRA剪影人运用于效果图,NEUTRA cutouts in rendering © Francesca Perani


The new collection belongs to the Italian platform Cutoutmix (started in 2016 and now populated by 500 free silhouettes available in open source. In three years Cutoutmix was accessed by over 69,000 users worldwide, with the highest number of downloads in China, United States, Brazil and Italy.

▼NEUTRA系列发布于意大利平台Cutoutmix,NEUTRA belongs to the Italian platform Cutoutmix © Francesca Perani


▼NEUTRA系列印刷版台历,NEUTRA printed calendar © Francesca Perani

▼无性别剪影人,有着明显的眼睛,乳头及肚脐,gender-fluid cutouts with flaunting eyes, nipples and belly buttons. © Francesca Perani

▼NEUTRA系列印刷版台历细部,detail of NEUTRA printed calendar © Francesca Perani

▼爵士风小人跃然纸上,jazz cutouts shown vividly on paper © Francesca Perani

While the first set, CALENDAR, openly stands against copyright infringements (characters are still too often borrowed from well-known works of art) and ARCHIFUNKY focuses on skin colour, different ability and a wider gender spectrum, this new NEUTRA collection is a provocative representation of a more gender-fluid society: the new jazzy cutouts are neither male nor female, flaunting eyes, nipples and belly buttons. This set is accompanied by a limited series of 30 printed calendars and a digital free format available on the website.

▼设计师发布的三组人物素材,three set of cutouts © Francesca Perani

▼CALENDAR系列说明,statement of CALENDAR cutouts © Francesca Perani

▼ARCHIFUNKY系列,ARCHIFUNKY cutouts © Francesca Perani


In her illustrative design work, Perani calls time on the misrepresentation of reality as an unfair, unequally designed space convinced that architecture visualisation narratives need to move away from overused stereotypes. She is an architecture activist and a firm believer in the power of shared creativity thus offering free design tools as an effective instrument to bring about change in the profession, not only in visual renderings but in the mind of those who designed them.

▼ARCHIFUNKY系列效果图运用,打破建筑表达刻板映像。Example2 of rendering with ARCHIFUNKY,break the stereotypes of architecture visualisation © Francesca Perani

Completion date: 2020
Photographer: Francesca Perani

More: Francesca Perani Enterprise , 更多请至:Francesca Perani Enterprise on gooood.

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