Museum of Freedom and Human Rights by Mallol Arquitectos

To defend the sacred and inviolable individual rights

Project Specs


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The Museum of Freedom and Human Rights is born from the conviction that every person has inviolable individual rights, which we are called to defend and never allow to be violated by the State. It is a museum of individual and collective memory, which documents the events and milestones that have occurred in the course of the evolution of democracy and human rights in Panama and worldwide. Its values are: to be reliable, inclusive, educational, dynamic and universal.

▼项目概览,overview ©Fernando Alda


▼街道视角,street view ©Fernando Alda

▼从入口广场看向建筑,view from the square to the building ©Fernando Alda

▼从公园看向建筑,view from the park to the building ©Fernando Alda

▼从广场看向古树,view from the square to the old tree ©Fernando Alda

▼广场顶棚,the ceiling ©Fernando Alda

▼博物馆楼顶,the roof ©Fernando Alda

The Museum of Freedom and Human Rights is located in the Amador area, in a lot next to the entrance of the Bridge of the Americas, with direct link to the Balboa sector and the Amador road. The buildings that make up the project are arranged respecting the vegetation of the land and the topography of the site, and are distributed around a space formed in front of an existing large Corotú tree, which serves as a focal point and gives importance to the site.

▼博物馆入口广场,the entrance square ©Fernando Alda

▼顶棚细部,details of the ceiling ©Fernando Alda

▼建筑侧立面,side facade ©Fernando Alda

▼外立面细部,details of the facade ©Fernando Alda


The access to the project is given through the Plaza de la Democracia, a square on the Via Amador that pays tribute to the managers of democracy, and allows the entrance to the Equality Building, which corresponds to a construction with exhibition areas and A small administrative area.

▼博物馆内部走廊空间,interior corridor space ©Fernando Alda

▼采光充足的楼梯间,staircase with enough light ©Fernando Alda

▼楼梯拐角区域,stair corner area ©Fernando Alda

▼空间细部,details of the space ©Fernando Alda

▼入口区域细部,details of the entrance area ©Fernando Alda


The content of the exhibition is divided into three levels, which are run from top to bottom, starting with the human rights timeline where historical events are related, continuing with the description of the 30 articles of the universal declaration of human rights and culminates with success stories.

▼展览现场,inside the exhibition ©Fernando Alda

▼观众正沉浸于展览内容,the audience is immersed in the exhibition ©Fernando Alda

▼与历史事件相关的人权时间轴,human rights timelines related to historical events ©Fernando Alda

▼展览细节,details in the exhibition ©Fernando Alda

▼展厅天顶,the ceiling of the exhibition ©Fernando Alda


In the future, on an internal circulation, around a central courtyard around the Tree, two exhibition buildings, one called the Memory Building, and the other Tolerance Building, will be located in later stages. From this central space, departures to routes in the open area have been considered. A staircase will allow you to find the Human Rights Walk, located in the lower part of the lot, a situation that allows you to generate grandstands, to create a small outdoor auditorium on one side, and in the other sector of the square 30 informative monoliths, which will contain information on each of the human rights articles.

▼傍晚的博物馆外部,evening outside the museum ©Fernando Alda

▼夜色中的博物馆灯火璀璨,the museum lights up at night ©Fernando Alda

▼楼梯间的全玻璃结构,all glass structure of the stairwell ©Fernando Alda

▼建筑平面,plan ©Mallol Arquitectos

▼立面图,elevation ©Mallol Arquitectos

▼剖面图,section ©Mallol Arquitectos

Location: Avenida Amador, Calzada de Amador, Ciudad de Panamá, Panamá.
Project development date: 2016
Execution of work: mayo 2017 – mayo 2019
Lot area: 6,840.12 sq.m.
Total closed area: 633.95 sq.m.
Total open area: 6,603.41 sq.m.
Principal Architect: Ignacio Mallol Tamayo
Design Architect: Juan Carlos Sáenz
Coordination Architect: Grace Attie
Owner: Fundación Democracia y Libertad
Construction: Constructora Ripard
Curator: Heidi McKinnon
Photography: Fernando Alda

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