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Wandering on the beach promenade, enjoying in the beach bar

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Mulini海滩 | Mulini Beach

Mulini海滩位于克罗地亚的古城——罗维尼(Rovinj)的一片迷人的区域内,它坐落在城市郊区的Monte Mulini、Lone和Eden等酒店的前方,是酒店步道朝向海岸线的一个延伸。Mulini海滩位于一个郁郁葱葱的公园绿地和森林保护区的环抱之中。它是城市公共空间的延伸,同时作为一个步道空间,将罗维尼市与科伦特公园(park Punta Corrente)联系了起来。

Mulini Beach is located in an attractive area of Rovinj, on the exit from the central part of the city and in the continuation of the promenade, in front of hotels Monte Mulini, Lone and Eden, wrapped in a rich green public park and green forest protective areas. It is an extension of the city’s public area and the promenade whose primary function is to connect the city of Rovinj and park Punta Corrente.

▼Mulini海滩鸟瞰图,bird-eye’s view of the Mulini Beach


An extremely important factor in the design of the beach was the relationship to existing terrain. With regard to the specific environment that is completely different depending on the time of day (the sea level varies in approximately 80 cm) due to the influence of the tides the design was dependent on the sea as a variable element, the sea has significantly influenced the creative decisions during the design process.

▼海滩的第一个区域 – 从码头到海滩酒吧的一段延伸区域,采用自然地形的设计理念,the first zone that is a stretch from the marina to the beach pavilion designed as a natural topography

▼海滩的第一个区域 – 延伸区,设置了相对稀疏的绿植和一系列碎片化的表面,the first zone of the beach – stretching area with lots of fragmented surfaces and relatively sparse vegetation

▼海滩的第一个区域 – 延伸区,市民们可在此骑车锻炼,the first zone of the beach – stretching area where citizens can ride and exercise

▼海滩的第一个区域 – 延伸区的细节处理,details of the first zone of the beach – stretching area


That is why the entire area of the beach is divided into two zones – a stretch from the marina to the beach pavilion that is greatly influenced by the waves, and a much calmer bay with a pebble beach. The first zone is designed as a natural topography, with lots of fragmented surfaces for sunbathing and relatively sparse vegetation. The calmer Lone bay is formed as a pebble beach with lush vegetation that gently slopes into the sea.

▼海滩的第二个区域 – 海湾区鸟瞰图,bird-eye’s view of the second zone of the beach –  a much calmer bay

▼海滩的第二个区域 – 海湾区,氛围宁静,临海部分的海滩设有卵石铺面,the second zone of the beach –  a much calmer bay with a pebble beach

▼海滩的第二个区域 – 海湾区,拥有着郁郁葱葱的植被,the second zone of the beach –  a much calmer bay with lush vegetations

▼海滩总平面图,site plan of the beach

▼海滩剖面图A,section A of the beach

▼海滩剖面图B,section B of the beach

▼海滩剖面图C,section C of the beach


Mulini海滩酒吧 | Mulini Beach Bar

Mulini海滩酒吧(Mulini Beach Bar)则位于Mulini海滩的中心位置,设有一个大型的酒吧、一系列更衣室、淋浴间、卫生间和一个信息台。当夜幕降临的时候,这个海滩酒吧就变成了一个温馨舒适的海滨休息空间。这个凉亭般的酒吧拥有一个悬浮的藤架屋顶,这个藤架屋顶采用钢结构,通过六个支撑点被放置在建筑主体结构上,其最终的形态是建筑师根据夏季的太阳轨迹和日光分析来确定的。这个藤架屋顶重达20吨,长边跨度高达30米。它由8mm和20mm厚的钢板打造而成,总高度为20cm。人们可以通过一片滑动墙来关闭酒吧。这片滑动墙被悬挂在藤架屋顶结构上,白天的时候会被存放在一间储藏室内。此外,酒吧前方的空地上还配备了一系列基础设施,人们可以在此举行小型音乐会或是娱乐活动。

▼海滩酒吧轴测图,pavilion axonometric projection

Mulini Beach Bar, a beach facility with a large bar, locker rooms, showers, toilets and an information desk is located in the center of the zone. In the evening, the beach bar turns into a more intimate lounge with a cozy atmosphere by the sea. It is designed as a pavilion with a floating pergola roof – a steel structure that rests on 6 points, whose final shape was determined by an analysis of the sun movement through the summer months. The pergola, weighing 20 tons, has a span of 30m in length. It is constructed from steel sheets 8mm and 20mm thick, and has a total height of 20cm. The bar can be closed with a sliding wall that is stored inside a storage room during the day. The sliding wall is hung from the pergola construction. The plateau in front of the bar is equipped with infrastructure that allows small concerts and entertainment.

▼海滩酒吧外观,拥有一个悬浮的白色钢制藤架屋顶,exterior view of the Mulini Beach Bar with a floating pergola white steel roof

▼海滩酒吧外观,白色的藤架屋顶通过六个支撑点被放置在建筑主体的石墙结构上,exterior view of the Mulini Beach Bar, the white floating pergola roof rests at the stone walls on 6 points

▼海滩酒吧局部,details of the Mulini Beach Bar

▼海滩酒吧内部,吧台紧邻植被,interior view of the Mulini Beach Bar, the bar is adjacent to the vegetations

▼海滩酒吧夜景,night view of the Mulini Beach Bar

▼海滩酒吧总平面图,site plan of pavilion roof

▼海滩酒吧平面图,site plan of the pavilion

▼海滩酒吧剖面图A-A,section of pavilion A-A

▼海滩酒吧剖面图B-B,section of pavilion B-B

▼海滩酒吧剖面图C-C,section of pavilion C-C

▼屋顶与储藏室墙体连接处的细节构造图,detail – storage wall and roof connection

Project number: P171
Project name: Mulini Beach
Program: public, tourism
Status: completed
Project start date: 01.12.2012
Project end date: 18.04.2014
Construction start date: 15.10.2013
Construction end date: 15.05.2014
Address: Monte Mulini tourist zone
City: Rovinj
Country: Croatia
Geolocation: 45°4’20” N, 13°39′ 55” E
Site (m2): 13515
Level (m): 3.4
Client: Maistra d.d.
Project management (client): Abilia d.o.o.
Author: 3LHD
Project team: Saša Begović, Marko Dabrović, Tatjana Grozdanić Begović, Silvije Novak, Nevena Kuzmanić, Tin Kavurić, Sanja Jasika
Project team collaborators: Dragana Šimić, Vibor Granić, Ivan Ćurković
Underwater construction project: Josip Prcela (Strabag-hidroinženjering)
Structural engineering – pavilion: Ivan Palijan (Palijan d.o.o.)
Building physics / details: Mateo Biluš (AKFZ studio d.o.o.)
Electrical engineering: Tomislav Godena (Skira d.o.o.)
Plumbing and drainage: Vladimir Paun (Termotehnika Paun)
Landscape design: Luka Brnić (Vrtni Design)
Irrigation project: Damir Čizmek (In-Aqua)
Special projects – bar technology: Zoran Divjak (Dekode d.o.o.)
Structural engineering – glass roof on the pavilion pergola: Nebojša Buljan (RI ISA d.o.o.)
Signage and environmental graphics design: Lana Cavar, Narcisa Vukojević
Photo: Joao Morgado
Main contractor: Zagrebgradnja d.o.o.
Site supervision: Concom d.o.o. (Ljubenko Ristović)

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